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Anyone know the name of this plant? - Carers UK Forum

Anyone know the name of this plant?

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Hi this shrub in my garden got a severe battering in the very heavy rains of late , has become top heavy, has tangled branches and needs is now leaning forward etc It looks amazing when in full bloom. I need to prune it heavily and want to read up on it first. Anyone know what it's called? It has furry, evergreen leaves and a wooden stem.




I believe it's senecio, also known as Brachyglottis (Dunedin Group) 'Sunshine'.
It's brachyglotis (formerly called senecio). It does better with regular "tidying" (my neighbour has one trimmed into the shape of a small sofa!), but if it's so unruly that you would otherwise have to remove it, then it's worth giving it a hard prune down to about 12" followed by a good water and mulch - and wait and see what happens!

Thanks both.

I had trawled through my gardening books and looked on Google, to no avail. Wish I'd thought of posting on here sooner.

I will let it flower before tackling it. It always looks foul after pruning but recovers and looks so cheerful again when it next flowers. It's covered in buds.

Interesting - we have two of them but never knew the name. Quite right, Melly, get the good of the flowers for a bit of colour then prune - remove as much as you like as they are very hardy. We live near North Sea with high winds and salt in the air and if they survive here they'll survive anywhere. If you want more of them just pop some cuttings into the soil - they take very easily.
always prune any plant/shrub after it has finished flowering then it will put all it's efforts into producing the next lot of flowers :)
Hi all,
The buds are opening and despite it's knarled branches it looks great. I realise now, I didn't prune it last autumn as I was playing catch up on everything physical due to my open hernia op in the summer.

Good know re cuttings, I haven't space for another one, but will take a couple just in case I need them to replace the original.

Poppy loves hiding underneath it so won't leave it too bare at low level.