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Anyone interested in crochet? - Carers UK Forum

Anyone interested in crochet?

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Any crochet experts on here. New to crochet self taught during lockdown and has become a stress therapy hobby? :D
I'm a keen dressmaker, when I get the chance.
Oh oh, me! *waves hands like the swot kid at school*. Something I can possibly help with? I also do dressmaking and pattern making.
I love crocheting, but for the last couple of years, diamond mosaic has become my hobby. It's very cool to assemble a picture from rhinestones. I order frames in a workshop nearby - it turns out a good individual gift or decoration for the house.
I’ve been crocheting for decades. My Mum was a crocheter and her mother before her. I took it up aged 16 when I was recovering from having my tonsils removed.

I also knit but prefer crochet to be honest. I have taught lots of people to crochet including elderly people and also for Adult Ed.

I lost my Mum at Christmas and I completely lost my Crojo in the months before she died and it is only in the last few weeks that I have got back into it again. I was thrilled when, during lockdown my adult niece took it up and she is totally addicted now, having never shown any interest in any type of craft.
She taught herself by watching videos …. I think her favourite was Bella Coco on Youtube and she rings me if she gets stuck.

I have attended Jane Crowfoot (or Janie Crowe as she now calls herself) workshops and I love Helen Shrimpton’s patterns and several other designers.

Shout if you need advice!
So glad there are a few people who crochet. May need help as I progress through the more difficult stitches. But have successfully completed a baby's jacket and booties. Xx


Cute, Mrs Mac. 👏👏👏👏

What are you going to make next?

Half way through a babies hoodie in rainbow wool...Will post when finished and have started a blanket......😊
I love rainbow wool. You really have got the crotchet-bug ....

They are so cute Mrs Mac! Are they designs by Kerry Jane? She has some lovely baby designs.