Anyone had a new fence lately?

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I'm just wondering about changing a fence,the problem is that I have a lot of it to do , or that is to say, I would have a lot of it if I replaced my hedges. What sort of cost would I be looking at to get a wooden fence with concrete posts and concrete base slabs (sorry no idea what you call them) and fitted properly?
Anyone know how I can find out about legal planning restrictions on height etc (without going to LA planning department) in terms of erecting a fence so many feet (2-4) from someone's side windows where they currently have a clear view over my front garden ( aka car park), and also how far back from road before it needs to be graduated in front garden. Regards graduation, is distance measured from edge of road or other edge of pavement ? ( I have bushes outside between pavment and my boundery) Most properties around here seem to be getting away with enclosing themselves in 8 foot bounderies fronting on to roads including some near neighbours but whatever I do will need to be complaint proof due to know it all neighbour.
Pondering on long term costs of staying put- fence v hedge cutting and gardening costs and neighbour issues!
As far as planning is concerned, just Google "Planning Portal"

We've recently taken out a hedge and put a fence in instead, a friend did the work, but eldest son has put in fences elsewhere. There are several different types of concrete post, the newest ones are full height but have a recess for the post.
Otherwise you can have shorter concrete "spurs" concreted into the ground (Travis Perkins are usually cheapest) and then have a post screwed to it after the concrete/cement has set, usually we do it consecutive weekends.
If you want to use panels, spurs are the way to go. Don't let anyone tell you wooden posts in the ground are OK. They don't last. If you have concrete spurs, with posts bolted to them, it's an easy job to change a panel if you need to. Lovely to know that the front boundary, poreviously Leylandii will never need cutting again!
Alternatively, griselinia makes an attractive hedge boundary, grows well on the southcoast, and you can chop it back as hard as you like and it sends out lots of new growth. (What is the hedge currently?)
Is the hedge accessible with a vehicle? We winch out any bushes with a Land Rover winch, does the job in minutes, no effort and leaves clean ground for the new fence.
Haven't any new fencing done for a few years now - last time was Mum's garden and that was over 10 years ago now.If I remember correctly it wasn't massively expensive probably less than a £1000 for 4 6 x '6' panels and replacement posts (wooden ones).

I'd suggest that you get a few local contractors to come out and give you quotes based on

1) what hedging has to be taken out (and will they take away what's being uprooted)
2) what type of fencing panels you want (maybe print some photos off from google as to the style you would like)
3) ask them to quote for various heights
4) and, yes definitely ask them to quote for concrete posts and bases.

Any garden fencing company worth their salt will be able to advise you on any legal restrictions, but I'm pretty sure that you won't need planning permission.
Thank you BB and Susie

It depends what if anything I decide to do but there is a lot of it -

Each boundary has it's own problems. The front fence is old and has no bottom- just fence panels between concrete posts and so the weeds take over and go up next doors side between my fence and their path. It is short- only 3 foot high along my neighbours bungalow and their front garden and becomes 5 or 6 foot where their back garden starts and along the side of my house.

Privet hedge is not dog proof and nor is outer boundery netting fence. Both long hedges need cutting twice a year.
Before I get my next dog (hopefully not for a long while yet) , I will need to dog proof the back garden.
Neither hedge would be accessible to a vehicle.

I'm not sure I want to get rid of hedges- I love the wildlife- 60 or more sparrows, hedgehogs , resident foxes etc but just considering options.

I had one done last year, new concrete posts, wooden panels about 5 foot high along one side of my 70 foot garden. If memory serves, it was about £800 :cry: On the plus side, it was very professionally done and looks good!

I believe I had to look at the original plans of the house to ensure that the concrete posts did not encroach onto my neighbour's property. Some interesting info here: ... and-gates/
Thanks Anne very helpful- looks like I will have to consign my man traps to the shed :lol:
That was an interesting link, many thanks, I learned a couple of useful things.