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kidney disease and smoking

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It's not me as kidney disease its my dad hes 76, been to the doctors today to get a check up, they ask for him each year now, to keep a eye on his health.
Anyway the kidney disease as been a on going health problem which we only found out about last year. He had a blood test other week before the usually check up, and they phoned up to ask for him to go for a another blood test last monday, electrolytes was low. He doesn't drink much other than tea, i kept telling him to drink some water also.
We seen the nurse today, and she said the doctor needs to get back to us about the kidney disease its got worse, is kidney function as drop a bit since last year what i could see from his levels last years, it was 42, now its 37.
IF it keeps dropping like this year on year he be in sh*t very soon.
I said to the nurse he doesn't drink much other than tea, i think its shock him now to drink some water also because most of today since we got back hes been having the odd mug of water now with his usuall mug of tea.

But that is not the big problem, its the smoking he does, hes a secret smoker, what i can work out he doesn't smoke much, he told the nurse he doesn't smoke, and he thinks i don't know he smokes.
I just don't know how to confront him, he needs to stop now, i did confront him once but he flat denied he smokes now, as anyone go some ideas to help me.
If your Dad is a secret smoker I gather nobody knows or sees him smoke. If you confront him and say you know he smokes because you smell it on him etc he could think "well if you know, then everyone must and I might as well smoke openly", which would then give him more opportunity to smoke and he may increase doing so. However, he could go the other way and feel embrassed that ppl can tell and then try to give up. I would proceed with caution and if you don't know already, find out first what impact smoking has on your Dad's kidney disease, rather than the general info of the dangers of smoking. It would enable you to have some hard facts if you decide to confront. Another option is keep dropping comments like "It's a good job you don't smoke Dad 'cos the nurse said ............and now that you're drinking more water you're doing all you can to improve/maintain your health"
Hope that helps, good luck.