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any tips on getting another car

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Just brought a car whether its the right choice time will tell, i can get the wheelchair in the back standing up and the wheeler together, proberly need a bungee, anyway its a Honda Jazz 1.4 its red, 57 number plate 11000 miles she a nice little thing, 40 to 45 to the gallon so its cheaper that my old car, and the car tax is half what i was paying, thats as car y as i get. well thats the car man told me about her. i wonder why cars are always her why not a him. Image
My cars a him. DD and I call him Matt (after the reliable human in the Vampire Diaries Image )
Sounds OK green archer. Here`s to many happy motoring miles.

My cars are non-gender. Current one is called "The mountain goat" as it goes anywhere in the worst weather conditions, either forward or if that fails in reverse! Its predecessor was called "Pegasus" after the flying horse........that was one fast car, an escort with an orion engine in it!xx
My car's gender depends on the number plate. I look at the letters, come up with a name from them, male or female and that's what I call the car.........mainly so I can remember the number plate Image Image Image
I do exactly the same myrtle Image
Works, doesn't it Crocus? Image Image
i remember when i could afford a car,lol. carers allowance just aint enough.shame coz it would help us no end.gutted we couldnt get a mobility scheme. well done getting car, hope it works out for you.dont forget the dice! Image
One good thing about a car you can get rid of it when it play's up
and it don't answer back when you kick it Image
NOT LIKE A Woman Image
Hi ya Now Myrtle can you help me name it.
It's anything you remember Image
We've had Nefertiti.........EFT. Michael David.......MDD .
We had one called The Lovely Bridget McGuire and it had none of those letters in the registration at all, but it did have letters in our dog's name, who was also known as...........The Lovely Bridget McGuire Image

You just need something that you'll remember with either the letters in it or something that makes you think of them. It's the numbers I have a problem with........... Image Image Image Image