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any tips on getting another car

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My poor old girl is going to the scap yard soon, so i'm looking for a new car well new to me, about £5000, max, four doors smallish, enough room in boot to fit a wheel chair not green, now doesn't that sound easy, well no its a mine field, the cars i thought were small like a ford fiesta they are the size of a family car now, and the car that are small haven't got a boot, so i'v scanned the horizon and i want to cry, i'm a woman with simple tastes a car is a work thing not a fashion ass, i did think to look at a kangoo or a belingo that would do me fine but once people get them they don't seem to sell them unless in £10000 up, has any one got any ideas pleeeeeeese. Image
my daughter's boyfriend has a mazda 6,i was amazed on the boot space,the wife's scooter fitted no problem,i think he paid about 4k on a 06 plate,avoid the renaults the bits are quite expensive on the new ones.
For good value for money you can`t beat an ex motability car. You don`t say where in the county you are, but there should be details on the internet. Try to use a private dealership if you can as they can generally come and go a bit more with prices etc.,

I know what you mean about the Fiesta ..... almost like Nellie the elephant all grown up! But get a good Ford and they last a long time (Mine has its 14th birthday at the end of the month, an escort estate but so easy to park as it is long and narrow with excellent power steering).

Kia is a good make and they have a couple of good roomy small models. Very Ford like although the company is part of the Hyundai group. Just for an idea have a look at Springside Motors dealership in Irvine, Ayrshire. Hubby got his Kia C`eed automatic from them last summer and the whole deal was done over the phone!

Howard Johnston car sales in Edinburgh is another good independent garage and although he has a lot of top of the range cars he also has an ex motability section too.

I don`t expect you to come to Scotland to buy a car, but it gives you an idea of what is available and prices you need to pay. If you find something you like make sure it has a brand new MoT, regardless of how much time is left on the one that is on it, that way anything that shows up the garage has to fix before you get the car, also insist on a full service for the mileage and any dealer worth their salt will be more than happy to do this for you.

Happy motoring.xx
I drove Fords for many years, all good reliable cars, spares readily available and very cheap, because they're so common. I'm lucky, OH was a skilled mechanic, and so is my eldest son, so no garage bills for me, I just pay for spares. I would suggest that you consider having an AA inspection or similar before you part with your money, to avoid making an expensive mistake, perhaps also a check to make sure it's not stolen. A mechanic I know said that it's now more important to make sure all the electrical gadgets work properly, as they can be more expensive to fit or repair than the mechanical stuff. Make sure that the sunroof is OK, heated seats, windows, locks etc. all work. When I bought my last car, I asked the garage if I could take it home overnight so my son could check it over. The first Discovery I brought home was described as "a heap of junk" and sent back, badly rusted underneath, and not well maintained. The second was great, and I've been happy with it for six years. No.1 son did all the negotiating, we went down in his off road Land Rover, obviously an enthusiasts vehicle. Son dressed in jeans, workboots etc. Immediately, they knocked off £500 from the price, and by the time he'd finished with them, an extra £250! If you aren't happy haggling, take someone who is!
thank you i will take it all on board and have a look tomorrow wish me luck, i'll keep you all informed, watch this space.
I have a toyota IQ , and I love this little car. It will seat 4 (at a push) but fold down the rear seats and it easily fits mum's folding wheelchair.I even managed to get her small mobility scooter in it. It's an automatic and easy to park. No problems with it since purchasing it three years ago and find it very economical too
Hi Green Archer,
I just love your happy-faced doggy.

Just make sure that whatever cars/garages you go to, take the wheelchair with you. It's all right if a car has a big enough boot, but you've still got to lift the wheelchair into it and if you can't do THAT, then it's still no good. See?

Our main priority was getting hubby in and out of the car and that meant clambering from the driver's seat over to the front passenger seat to pull him over on the slideboard (before we had the accessible vehicle). If the central tunnel area was too wide or the drop down to the passenger seat on the other side was too high, then I couldn't do it. I had to manouvre myself onto the passenger seat and then back myself onto the driver's seat whilst holding and balancing hubby. If I couldn't do it on my own (without hubby), then no way could I do it with him.
Every vehicle we looked at, I would immediately get inside and start 'clambering about'. A lot of car salesmen were left standing bemused watching me clambering over all the front seats.
OR do you mean a vehicle which your caree can travel in the wheelchair in?
It just need the wheelchair to go in the boot, mum can stand and get out her self with a push or pull on occations, been looking today, looked on Which Mag web page, which i think helped, so i know what to say now, it just so complicated, can someone just buy me a car and leave it outside my house please, what i would like is a black 4 by 4 range rover, leather interier and a nice hunky driver to drive it for me (sorry just dreaming)
It's me not reading your post properly, sorry, still floating.