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Help Please for DVLA

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Hi Everyone
Can anyone out there help me, regarding driving licenses immediately removed without notice from the DVLA. A Disabled friend of mine had his driving license stopped without any notice as he is a diabetic and had two hypos within one year and had to have medical assistance. The letter he got was that he could appeal against this decision and this would be dealt with within 3 weeks. 27 weeks later and being told not to ring up and having a disability car stood on the drive, unable to drive it and losing his mobility payment into the bargain. His nurse rang them, his Consultant returned their inquiries and his GP sent his letter of competence more or less straight away. What is it at the DVLA, He has lost 27 weeks mobility payments for a car he can not drive, when the medical professionals have notified them time after time that he is fit to do so.They seem to take pleasure in informing people that they are in charge and NOT to ring them up regarding the problems. He had his license restored today after six months - no letter - no explanation what is wrong with them!
Has anyone else out there experienced this from the dvla?
It would be very interesting to find out as they seem to be a law unto themselves.
Have you had a look at the DVLA website? I know other people in different circumstances who have had their licences withdrawn for a period and then restored, after a set time period - I think some of the periods are mandatory, not up to the discretion of staff, but it's not something I've been affected by personally, so can't be sure.
The DVLA is backed up by legal definitions, so everything is is set down in black and white, it is not discretionary and there are no exceptions unless there has been a mistake. This makes the DVLA terribly jobsworthy - and pretty slow too.

https://www.gov.uk/current-medical-guid ... in-treated

These are the medical guidelines for diabetes and as you will see, you are not allowed to have more than one hypoglycaemic attack (that requires medical assistance) in the space of 12 months. I would guess that he will get his licence back 12 months to the day after his first hypoglycaemic attack - assuming that he doesnt have another.
There are new guidelines for Diabetes, which have come into force over the last 12 months.If you require assistance from anyone else(I think it is not just medical assistance) to help you recover from a hypo, twice, then you lose your licence. Diabetes UK have a section on their website especially for this situation. I believe it is for people on insulin and the rules are different if a person is on tablets for their Diabetes. They try to keep their page as up to date as possible, so that is probably the best place to get advice if you need it.
Hypos can come on very suddenly,sometimes without warning,and I think there have been plenty of accidents over the years with people who have had unexpected hypos whilst driving.
It is hard for your friend,I hope he manages to stay hypo-free.Trouble is, if he keeps his blood sugar a bit higher to avoid hypos, he is more likely to get complications of the condition.
Thank you for all your replies.

My argument is with the DVLA, Who is next! I have high blood pressure and people with other - just as important health problems - are at risk of losing their license.
There is no information, and fortunately my friend got his license back in a plain envelope, with an explanation two days later. My point is he has paid mobility for six months for this car that he was unable to drive - money he could have had for taxis etc, which amounts to approx fifteen hundred pounds. Motability did not want to know.

But again thanks to you all. Lesley.
Im glad he has got it back