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Any poets out there? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Any poets out there?

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Thanks for posting Phoebe,
I like your poetry a lot.
I will post some of mine over the next week.

My Love
The warmth of your embrace
Fills me with love and tenderness
Your kiss so sweet
Like a ripened summer fruit
Take me to heightened ecstasy
As I look into your eyes
Gateways to your soul
I melt in the presence of your beauty
For you I would die
Give my last breath
For you are my love
Now and for eternity.

Pain that makes you writhe and cry
what can I do but care and smile?
Medication,we know them all,
friends stop coming one and all
Fatigue is our true friend
it wears us down
constant agony makes you frown
through the nights.
It's a constant fight,
spasms and sickness,
no delights,
our life is changed,
the consultant said.

Yes, I write loads of Poetry and I also write my own books, which I have self published on kindle in the middle of the last book of a trilogy.

I am wanting to publish my poems, but, don't know how or what to do especially about the feelings I have had over the past few years.

I think creative writing in any form including lyrics for a song are a great therapy session for me.

A Swan

I once knew an ugly duckling
The ugly duckling who struggled to make friends
The ugly duckling that sat on their own
The ugly duckling was very ugly
So ugly no-one would talk to them

Slowly as that duckling grew
The ugly feathers slowly came off
Still because they had hidden themselves
No-one would talk to them or
They would push people away

As the duckling got bigger
They struggled on how to keep people interested
Interested in what they did
They felt sorry for themselves, they went out
Most of all they tried too hard

As that duck grew into a pretty little cygnet
They began to attract the wrong people
Because they wanted to be loved
Because they didn’t know how to tell the difference
Between the right and the wrong person for them.

A Beautiful White Swan is flying
It is flying through the sky
Because it now believes in it’s self
It dreams of things it has never done before
The swan knows it can achieve anything it wants to

The beautiful white Swan
Has a strength to carry on
It still needs the help of friends
Friends who stand by it and keep encouraging
If those friends were to disappear, the swan would know that it still had to carry on,
It would be better with them there.

Reach out

You have the wind beneath your wings
Rain on your back
Sun in your face
Ice under your feet
Snow touching your fingertips

Have you ever thought how it would feel
With your head in the clouds
Feet on the earth
Fingertips touching the leaves
Your back massaged by soft petals
And your arms wrapped in thorns

Have you ever thought about how it would feel
To have your wings clipped
Your eyes could only see darkness
Your head always up and down not knowing where it was going
Your feet stuck in the mud
Only your fingertips could touch the light

Have you ever been to a place
Where your wings couldn’t stretch
Where you could only just lift your arms
Where only your eyes could touch the walls
And your feet stood still, so that you couldn’t move

Have you ever stood in a crowd
Where your face can feel people's breath
Where your back is brushed past
Where your arms are knocked
Where your wings get pulled and joked about
And your head can’t hear anyone except yourself thinking

Have you ever thought how you could be like them out there
That your fingertips could touch what your eyes were seeing
That your head could think clearly
That someone could give you, your wings back to be free again
That your feet weren’t so stuck that you could walk again
And your back was strong enough to stand tall again.
Soozy- you're poems really touched me and I could really identify the emotion behind them. I am almost in tears as you could have been writing about my younger self.
Love Phoebe x
I write mainly poems but I used to write short stories too. I used to illustrate them too but haven't done any for a while.

I write about many things but a few of the poems I wrote for my grandparents have been borrowed for eulogies and things of a similar nature.

This is one about my Grandad.

It is with both love and affection
I have a fond recollection
Of my grandad with his gap-toothed smile
Although it's been quite a while
Since I heard his voice
He still sings within my heart
For I remember my grandad singing
As he made his way downstairs
I warmly recall him puffing his pipe
As he sat in his favourite chair
I remember him saying "Ta-ra Godbless, Look after Y sen"
When he kissed us all goodbye
And one of the things I miss the most is the twinkle in his eye.
Not a single hair did he lose from his head
But he kept it slicked back with Brylcreem instead.
He enjoyed his food, especially his sweets
Mints and toffees were his favourite treats.
He enjoyed honey on his Branflakes and whisky in his tea.
He'd sit and watch his favourite soap with his tobacco on his knee.
I remember sitting by his side as he sewed my ballet shoes.
And his "Trainrobbers didn't get that long!" never failed to amuse.
He was never afraid to speak his mind.
He was quite simply "one of a kind"
An honest a man would be a struggle to find
He was generous, warm, loving and kind.
And although other people may have Grandad's
There are none so special as mine.
He didn't have a wrinkle but merely laughter lines
And the very instant I picture his grin
My heart once again begins to sing.

....You may get the gist that my Grandad had a very special place in my heart.
The next one is about my Nan

On your life's tapestry each memory is a tiny stitch
That's been sewn with love and care.
It's vibrant, rich and full of warmth
Not an inch has been left spare.
It began a long, long time ago on the eve of the First World War
On a cold and frosty January dad a baby girl was bore.
From the very first her spirit shone bright
Like stars that shine on a moonlit night.
For Frances, life was never dull
With brothers and sisters the days were full.
Then one day tragedy fell
For Frances'es Mum had been unwell.
And The Lord decided it was for the best
To take Fran's Mum to His place of rest.
It must have been hard without your mother
For a mother's love is like no other.
But as the years went by you met a special man
Who fell in love with his beloved Fran.
So you were wed in June thirty three
And the love you shared was plain to see.
Your daughters were born a few years apart
But each had their own special place in your heart.
You cherished your children with love and care
Helping each individual child to prepare
For life's joys and sorrows, times good and bad.
You held them when they were happy
And hugged them when they were sad.
Then when your chicks all flew the nest
You didn't have time to sit and rest
As your grandchildren came in quick succession
Bright and cheerful like a carnival procession.
And to these children old tales you'd tell
Holding them captive under your spell.
You'd weave your magic
It was almost tragic
You could almost feel the searing pain
As the cane came down on your hand again.
But the happier stories would follow the sad
And the funniest story was when you were mad
For that story was by far the best
About the present you gave an uninvited guest
You carved a place deep within our hearts
It would be impossible to find a place to start
To tell you how much that you are missed
That smiling face that we once kissed
But your life's tapestry was sewn with love and care
We know that we were lucky to share
The times that we all had with you
Bright, warm, loving and true
Are our memories of you

.... And that's one of the poems I wrote about my grandmother. I still miss both my grandparents very much. They had a huge impact on my life. My children grew up hearing the stories that my grandparent had told me. My grandad had such an admirable strengh of spirit. He used to travel into the city to do the shopping for my grandmother as she developed agrophobia. He fell in the snow and ice and kept rubbing his ankle that was giving him some "jip" Turned out he had broken it. He'd carried on walking on a broken ankle because he was "needed"....In his latter years he went blind but wouldn't admit he was losing his sight. He kept telling me what beautiful blue eyes my children have....They are both very dark brown Image

As for my Nan, after my Grandad passed away, she came to live with my Mum. She truly was a class act. She liked a bit of a moan, but we would all take it good naturedly.
Thanks for posting that lovely poem ARL
ALR, those poems are beautiful, it really comes across how much you love your grandparents.

This one was written to my daughter a few years ago when she was going through a particulary tough time, something I'd gone through, previously, it was a dark time for us both but we got through it, and dispite some problems now have a very close mother/daughter relationship.

I'd heard there was a world out there
of vibrant flowers and cold fresh air
And trees that soar above us all and whisper
Secrets that were not for me,
For cloaked in gray, I was not free,
to run in the wind and call the sun,
My sister.

I'd lived my life in black and white
But scarlett flamed my love so bright
And burned my soul and scorched my heart and taught me
How to laugh and how to cry
And how to reach the clouds so high
And sleep so soundly, softly sigh,
And freed me.

I've gained the strength and felt the pain
To help you through the cold and rain
The one sure fact that will remain,
You're beautiful.
No word, no deed, can bring you low
No cruelty dim your shining glow
Your smile, your love will warm the world
You're beautiful.
Btw, York- would love to read one of your vampire poems.

that is, if you don't mind.

Phoebe x
There are some lovely poems on here. I find writing very cathartic. I'm about to start to write up my family history for my children and grandchildren which I know isn't poetry but it's something I can write about. I used to write stories for my children but I haven't really put pen to paper for a while as we've had so much on but at one time I was scribbling poems constantly. I will try and get back later to add some more here. I was reading a different thread earlier and wasn't sure whether people would be offended if I put some poems on that helped me cope with personal loss? Don't want to upset anyone as I am aware it could be a sensitive subject.

I will also put on some school poems that I wrote about the loveable rogues I used to work with. They bring back some very happy memories.