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Any poets out there? - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Any poets out there?

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
ALR, like you, I used to write a lot, mainly short stories and poems, then didn't for a number of years as was just too busy bringing up children, working etc, usual stuff, but have now started to get back into it, as I love it, and it does help me cope with life. Thought I might start looking into e-publishing. Does anyone know how to get started on that?
Your idea of putting poetry on to help with bereavement etc , I think is a lovely idea, it would be interesting to see what others think. I once wrote a poem after the loss of my very dear Uncle.
Would you do that as a seperate thread? or one already started?

Phoebe x
My husband (who I now care for)wrote poetry for many years and many published he can no longer get his thoughts together in order to write he finds this so frustrating this is one he wrote some years ago which with the new tax system and benefit changes is I think relevant today


Fat cats sitting on the profits
They instinctively defend
With flair and business acumen
That laymen cannot comprehend.

They are clawing in the money
With agility and skill
And purring over rising shares
Before they move in for the kill.

You can see these cats performing
In their charismatic style
Upon life’s universal stage
With shrewd diplomacy and guile.

See the scattered feathers flying
When their backs and hackles rise
And listen to their bargaining
That hides a multitude of lies.

Down the corridors of power
They are pouncing frequently
On escalating bonuses
That cripple dying industry.

How man envies them for living
In the lap of luxury
While he endeavours to expel
The threat of abject poverty.

They are preying on a nation
Littered with dismembered lives
And licking off the richest cream
Of man’s success when it arrives.

Fat cats always get their wages
Handed to them on a plate
But soon these feline parasites
Will feel the fury of man’s hate. Iaian W. Wade
Nods... another poet pops in....
(3 x micro-published books)

I used to use poetry as an escape - then for fun. I recall i used to write poetry as a teen, even - tho they were long verses of romantic love mostly.... soppy sappy stuff! I havent written much lately, though....
Rigmor- I like it. very apt in today's climate.

Mads- you should post one of your poems, would love to read it.

Agree with Phoebe Image

I'd said a couple of weeks ago I'd try and add some poems.

This first is about grief for a particular person that had left us but was ready to go....

Let not one teardrop fall for me
But rejoice in the knowledge I've been set free.
No longer am I in constant pain
My spirit's peaceful; I'm free again.
But do not think that I am gone,
In you and yours my spirit lives on.
And do not think that I'm not there
As I gently caress your silken hair.
So when you're feeling alone and down
I will smooth your weary frown.
Although you won't see nor understand
I will be there to hold your hand.
I'll never be too far away,
For I'll be watching over you night and day ....

The other is a school based one...

"Please Miss, I've got a note"
"Well put it on my desk and take off your coat"
"But Miss, it's important that you read it now"
"I'll be the judge of that!" Said Miss
As she raised an eyebrow.
""Well, what are you waiting for? Please do as your told
And shut the classroom door before we all catch a cold!"
The poor girl shifted from one foot to the other,
As she tried to explain about the note from her mother.
But Miss wouldn't listen and gave a hard frown
As she looked on with impatience at Miss Anita Brown.
So, poor Anita went and sat without a smile,
Thinking it would be for the best if she waited for a while
So the register was taken and the books were given out
When all of a sudden the children heard a shout.
"Anita! Where are you? She can't have gone far
She only went to take a note in for Mrs Parr"
Mrs Parr put down her chalk which fell onto the floor,
As she made her way towards the classroom door.
"Anita's where she should be, what is this fuss about?
I came outside when I heard your shout!"
Mrs Brown looked at Mrs Parr with a slight shake of her head.
"Anita brought a note when I took our James into Mrs Stead"
The teacher nodded her head as she started to blush.
"Actually, Mrs Brown I was in quite a rush"
"Well, if you'd read what it said, then you'd know about the spots.
Our Anita's not coming to school this week, she's got chicken pox"

....that was written for my children many moons ago. My son didn't enjoy school at all and we used to try and write little stories or poems making light of the teachers and their attitudes whenever my son was upset.
I compose the occasional free verse. Here is my last one.....

My Trusted Steed (thanks for the 45 years)

I have a freedom pass now
ah but lost my freedom, for
I wait for buses when
I used to just freewheel.

Zapping in and out
released into
breezy bliss of
quiet back streets.
wherever I chose.

My trusted steed -
my self reliance
halted by
colliding into
the opening car door.

I have a freedom pass now
it gets me roughly there
whilst wistfully I watch
cyclists still free....
that used to be me.
I used to write poems when I was a kid and got back to my verses just recently. Indeed, it really helps when one is going through hard times. I play guitar a little bit and sometimes I use my poems as lyrics to my songs. I found Arctic Monkeys very inspirational in terms of lyrics by the way, it's very simple and meaningful at the same time. This one is one of my favorites: http://blablamp3.com/mp3/arctic-monkeys ... -know.html