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Any poets out there? - Carers UK Forum

Any poets out there?

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Hello everyone,
I have found poetry a great way of releasing my feelings.
For a long time I wrote poems just for myself but have gone on to get four published.
Anyone else on the forum writing poetry?
Its a total different side to the other things I have done in life but I enjoy it.
Hello, York52, nice to greet a fellow poet. I've been writing poetry more or less all my life, probably not very good, but I've always loved doing it. I also tend to write for myself, and as you say are a great way of dealing with stuff. Some of what I write is funny or tongue in cheek, some serious. I've never had any properly published, but a long time ago, (very long Image ) i used to write for my local YMCA mag, and local paper.
I had a long gap when I didn't write anything, Bringing up children, working, etc, the usual stuff, Image but have recently started again. I also write short stories, but again, have only recently taken it up again.
What sort of stuff do you write? and what did you have published? I would be interested to know.
Phoebe x
Hi Phoebe,
I tend to write about various emotions but my first published poem was about a vampiress,my other published poems were about love,chronic pain and my last was also a vampire poem.
I'm also writing a novel but that is going soooo slow.
You are welcome to send me any poems,I would like to read them.
I would send some of mine too.
I've also written poems on tokkotai(kamikaze),mugging and other things that may not be the norm.
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.
Hi York, can't say that I've written about vampires, but have written about sprites and fairies amongst other things. It's hard to put down what sort of stuff I write about as it's anything and everything, just what comes into my head. Sometimes it's related to whats going on in my life, but not always. Sometimes, I've even dreamt a subject or part of a poem and written it down when I woke up.
Like music, it's a great outlet.
I'll sort through a few over the next day or two, and I'll take the plunge and PM you with a couple, I'd like to know what somebody else thinks of them, but please be honest, and if you think they are rubbish, I'd rather know, I don't offend easily Image Image

Hi Phoebe,
I look forward to reading them.
I will send some of mine to you in the next couple of days.
Thank you, York, (lovely city, by the way) was going to sort out some poems yesterday and today but hubby currently having a bad flare-up, so haven't been able to. (he's got copd, asbestosis and severe arthritis among other things Image Image Image ) will try to do it in the next few days, and look forward to hearing yours.
Thanks Phoebe,
Your poetry was a pleasure to read.
You mentioned writing some of our poetry on here,I will tomorrow and look forward to seeing yours on here too.
Any other poets are welcome to write on here too.
Best wishes to all.
Right. lets get the ball rolling: here goes:


I wish, I wish, so many things.
What do I wish?
I don't know what I wish any more,
I'm so tired.
Should we wish our life away?
If we wish, do we live?
Or without wishes, will there be no dreams?
Without dreams, we will not achieve.
Wishes are Gold and Silver.
Dreams are Rainbows.
But life is our reality,
and Rainbows can be Gold and Silver.
That's lovely Phoebe. Image
Thank you India, I've always loved writing but not really had the courage to show anyone Image

Phoebe x