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Re: Tax scams

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Well, today I've had four emails purporting (is that the right word?/spelling?) to be from HMRC, within 20 minutes of each other. All headed Final Payment Request.
They all arrived in typewriter type lettering, as if sent from a mobile phone/tablet etc, not normal email type lettering. They then went on to threaten to send a 'high sheriff' round to my house to recover goods to the value of, etc and threatened court and imprisonment for non-payment of the debts.
The first suggested I owed £9,000 odd.
The second suggested I owed £7,000 odd.
The third suggested I owed £2,000 odd.
The last one even had a woman's name at the top of it, but still suggested I owed £2,000 odd........................

YEAH, RIGHT - be warned out there. This sort of thing could seriously upset somebody. Disgusting.
Cashing in on the TV programmes showing High Court Officials getting money out of debtors. Like 'Can't pay - we'll take it away'.
Is there someone to report this scam to? Anyone know?
I keep getting the one that says I'm owed a tax rebate and asking me to provide my bank details via the link given.
Oh yeah - do they really think I was born yesterday :shock:

although as the amount is relatively small (usually under £500 I suspect that many people fall for it).

Elaine - all these types of scam can be reported to the Police, they have a cyber crimes unit. Equally you can ring HMRC and they should be able to give you an email address (like the banks do) to forward the email to.

I found this site the other day and reported a bank scam email where I don't even haold an account. It is easy just to delete these things but if no one ever reports them someone will fall for it.
I'm going to get on to the HMRC about it, just not done it yet.
I filter all my email through my gmail account. They eliminate 99.99 % of these scams before they even hit my inbox.