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all things nature EXCEPT SPIDERS

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Sajehar, how close could you get, bearing in mind that this little fella sits (and indeed poops) on my shoulder?

I'm curious - has Naboo ever pecked your eye? I have been tempted to get a pet bird, but I've been told that some birds are attracted to the shine of people's eyes and will sometimes peck them. Image Or maybe I just remember certain films a bit too well... The Birds for one, The Vikings being another (a certain scene where somebody orders his hawk to attack a man's face...) <shudders>
Sussex, thanks for the beer tip, will give it a go

Thanks Sussex. You seem very knowledgeable about birds - what do you think about lovebirds, as pets? They look adorable but is it true they're horribly noisy?

I have enough trouble sleeping already, so maybe I shouldn't even consider getting birds, but I do miss having a pet, since I became allergic to cats and didn't replace ours when they passed on.
Maybe we should start a separate spider thread, Sussex? I have some lovely pictures of BIG Aussie spiders.... Image
Here is a shot of 'my' camelia bush...in full bloom.


Wow, I love camellias.
Here's our new dog, Molly. She just joined us a few days ago, through a carer friend of mine, because her grand-daughter (who rescued her as a pup) is moving to a new flat and hasn't got the space for her anymore. She's a collie cross, and incredibly bright and obedient, very lively and good fun


now that's what I call a 'spider' Image Image
She looks gorgeous Image
now that's what I call a 'spider' Image Image
She looks gorgeous Image
She is a truly amazing dog: lovely sweet nature, doesn't pester for food, no bad habits at all, but delights in playing games. And. er, chasing deer. Which is OK, gives them a laugh as they are much faster than she is, and good for shaking off that puppy fat. The woods around here have a lot of deer ...
pronghorn antelope sept 2005 wyoming.
Meet Mork and Mindy.

My bro and SIL had first dibs on the litter a friend’s dog had given birth to. They chose the one and only male. They went to pick him up, but came back with two puppies!
Their logical reasoning was that they’d be company for one another. I think the real reason was that M & M were so obviously attached to one another they didn’t have the heart to split them up.
When their last dog died, at the grand old age of 14, they swore they’d never get another one as his death was so upsetting as he was one of the family. Now they’ve got two!
Just as well their cats like them.

I’ve never seen 2 puppies together, and I cannot believe the difference in their personalities at only 8 weeks. Mork is laid back and placid. Mindy is very feisty and loves to explore.
When they’ve had their jabs, they are going to something called puppy parties. This is to get them used to other dogs as two dogs from the same litter are often very protective towards one another. They may try to attack another dog who shows interest in them whilst out walking them.
If I can at all manage it, I want to go with my SIL to one of these puppy parties. I can’t wait to see Mindy’s reaction to other dogs. I suspect she is a party girl.
Their mum is a lab, and their dad is a collie. It was not a planned pregnancy!


Just seen the first Brimstone Yellow butterfly of the year Image

They are usually the first to be seen in the Spring, I can only think that the last couple of warm days have fooled them into waking up early. (The first ones to be seen are usually the ones that 'hatched' at the end of the last year's summer). Also had a large and somewhat sleepy bumble bee land on my washing - must have thought the flowers on the duvet cover were for real Image Image


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