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lords and ladies

common toad
I would rather see a picture of a spider than a toad! Think of its web after the rain....shining dewdrops like jewels.
I like spiders......................outside! Image Image Image
Shouldn't that read 'Internal'? Image Image Image Image
Just checked and apparently it is an Aseroe, the flower fungus, which has a white stalk-like base and several tapering bright red arms. Aseroe has free arms, and at the top of the stalk there is a flat, perforated disc, from which the paired arms arise.
You can see some more here: https://www.google.com/search?sourceid= ... i&tbm=isch


don't know what that thing is ,i have a feeling that if you lean in too close ,you will end up like john hurt in the film alien.
I don't like spiders or frogs or toads.
well leave them on the side of your plate Image
Spiders, frogs and toads have never bothered me. Birds, however, scare the shit out of me... until that is Scally's bird thread.
Still don't like them coming near me, but I'm definitely less scared of them, and am now obsessed with photographing them! In fact, I do believe I'm sort of, kind of beginning to even like them... almost!
I once baptized a dying frog with squashed back legs, when I was about 7, determined to save it's soul from Purgatory, or was it Limbo?
Either way, I could not be convinced that animals didn't have souls. They'd recently told me (teachers/priest) that souls were invisible. Well, if souls were invisible how did they know that animals didn't have them too?
I managed to get away without being punished for disrupting a mass and contaminating an entire font of holy water with frog's blood. I wasn't allowed to bury the frog in the churches grounds, but I did anyway... when no one was looking! Froggy had a decent send off.
I like spiders......................outside! Image Image Image
I'll second that! If they stay outside, I have a "live and let live" policy, but they enter my home at their peril!

Hubby likes picking them up but I can't abide them... sinister creatures with too many legs! If Hubby's out or asleep, I try to trap them under a glass so he can deal with them later, but I've been known to flatten them with a shoe if they scuttle away from my attempt at humane capture, because I can't sleep if I know there's one on the loose!

I'm not very impressed by their webs either. I mean, how often do you see a web with lots of flies in? Spiders are meant to catch flies etc. but instead they keep leaving their webs across the corners of our patio door/garage door/garden gate so more often than not it's my face that gets caught in their webs - yuk! They're clearly out to get me... maybe word got out that I'm a spiderist... <not paranoid really>
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