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Advice on rose bush - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Advice on rose bush

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My Gertrude has suddenly produced 5 more flowers too.
This might not be practical but have you asked a garden centre for advice? My local garden centre is full of staff who can provide useful suggestions, tips and information on all aspects of gardening matters. The employees can deal with your query and offer advice as well. You can even buy plants etc.

Additionally this is another gardening thread that might be useful to look at


What is the issue with the rose bush? Does it need to be pruned?
Thank you Leah
I don't drive and the garden centres in my area need cars to get to them. Its in bud again now, and yes I have deadheaded it and cut back. I never did the gardening when hubby was well ( I'm nearly at the big 70 and the age where partners had their roles!!) So have been learning trial and error. Mostly successful luckily.
You can fertilize plants with phosphorus all season. However, it would be a mistake to feed the roses only with phosphate fertilizers. After all, potassium also affects the formation of buds. In addition, roses need nitrogen to help them form healthy green matter. It is brought in in the spring, because autumn feeding with nitrogen-containing fertilizers reduce the winter hardiness of plants. If you overfeed the rose with nitrogen, then flowering will come later, and the plant itself will become more vulnerable to diseases. Magnesium (which comes to the fore when setting buds and affects the brightness of the color of the petals), iron (for the prevention of chlorosis), as well as boron and manganese will not be superfluous.