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Advice on rose bush - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Advice on rose bush

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My Gertrude has suddenly produced 5 more flowers too.
This might not be practical but have you asked a garden centre for advice? My local garden centre is full of staff who can provide useful suggestions, tips and information on all aspects of gardening matters. The employees can deal with your query and offer advice as well. You can even buy plants etc.

Additionally this is another gardening thread that might be useful to look at


What is the issue with the rose bush? Does it need to be pruned?
Thank you Leah
I don't drive and the garden centres in my area need cars to get to them. Its in bud again now, and yes I have deadheaded it and cut back. I never did the gardening when hubby was well ( I'm nearly at the big 70 and the age where partners had their roles!!) So have been learning trial and error. Mostly successful luckily.
Pet66 wrote:
Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:20 am
To all of you experienced gardeners
I have the most beautiful deeply scented rose bush. It's stopped producing buds. Just growing leaves. Shall I cut it right back and hope for a regrowth next year?
The other 2 roses are still producing, ( one bought for me by a dear friend) I deadhead them frequently, and gave all 3 a feed.
Don't want to cut back then lose it.
Still learning!
In every normal and healthy rose, each shoot ends with a bud or inflorescence. I will describe several reasons why roses may not bloom. Let's start with the fact that the rose of the first year of planting may not bloom; this is normal. Secondly, roses are natives of the southern regions; they are very sensitive to the lack of sunlight. They need at least 8 hours of full sun for full development and flowering. The second possible reason for the lack of flowering is incorrect pruning. In the spring, some groups of roses (shrubs, English roses, climbings) should never be subjected to strong pruning. If you haven't found your reason in these, then read more on https://troopscout.com/bloom-and-wild-voucher-code/.