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Panicking about E.ON Bills - Carers UK Forum

Panicking about E.ON Bills

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Can anyone help?

I had to put a Complaint in with E.ON last year, way before all the escalation of energy prices and due to them overcharging as I do not have a Smart Meter (I actually read an article where someone was charged £42,000.00 for 1 day - and they have a Smart Meter) Due to severe anxiety with E.ON, I have just managed to open my bill, which I cannot afford due to being on ESA: no way should I be paying over £1,000 for just one bill - I shouldn't be forced into debt. Anyone able to support me?
I have tried contacting my local housing asking for help last year, they refused - even though they are aware I am vulnerable.

I have since discovered from someone at our local Community Hub that they are supposed to assist me with everything. I have lodged a Complaint with housing, who are running rings around me; basically making my life hell.

I have just managed to open the last batch of letters from E.ON, where I have discovered I have been referred to a debt collection agency, even though I sent E.ON some time ago a letter explaining my situation, that I am getting financial assistance and support with everything; as I am still in the midst of a Complaint which is with the Ombudsman. I have just today phoned the Ombudsman to discover my case with them is closed. I contacted them the other month, asking for them to put my case on hold; as I I am struggling finding the help I need with this.
Your best bet is to contact a local money advice group. The best ones are in the voluntary sector. They can help navigate around these problems. They're probably really busy at present but it's important to get help urgently.
Everybody's more interested running rings round me.

I have recently discovered my local housing association was supposed to support me with E.ON as I'm a vulnerable adult.

A local mental health charity last year refused to help. Another one are more interested in unhelpful bureaucracy.

Local Councillors are useless.

It was so much easier being at school than all the chaos life as an adult is throwing at me. I would have hoped as you'd get older, there would be a way for life to be simple - it's certainly forcing me to feel I'm best being dead with that naive attitude.

God give me strength!
Hello butterfly68

It sounds like you are having a tough time at the moment and are very concerned about your energy bills and potentially being forced into debt.

We have therefore send you an email with some suggested sources of support which we hope you will find helpful.

With good wishes