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with over a week of the big bright round thing in the crystal blue cloudless sky . it is amazing what starts showing up , snowdrops in flower more snowdrops showing buds ready to open. Crocus catching the rays before the sun drops to low and they close for the night.
Bluebells reaching up through the ground but still hiding under leaf litter , apart from those brave enough to venture up further.

then we have our winter visitors gathering on the Loch in my town , cramming in as much feed from the surrounding fields ready for the big flight home , could do with air traffic control , the past 3 days i have seen flocks so big it has taken 5 - 8 mins for all to fly over . some of the geese have the right idea though and decide to stay all year lol.
well with one of the richest feeding lochs in Scotland why should they leave .

will soon be back out fly fishing from a boat drifting along side all the water fowl and the geese , wont be much longer until the Osprey return from Africa and feed from the Loch .
nearly forgot i always have the chance of watching a white tailed sea eagle dropping in for a trout or 2. not been lucky enough to capture a picture or film ( YET )
i enjoy nothing better than a day with little breeze , motor over to my fav spot on the Loch and drop anchor while i have something to eat. and just watch nature .
sounds wonderful ! I envy you being able to see all those birds, thought I did quite well here but nothing like that. It's great to see all the signs of spring, isn't it?
Lesley x
Lesley ... who knows maybe we could arrange a forum holiday up here. loads of hotels , B&B's in town or log cabins that you rent for as long as you want .

i am bit spoilt for bird watching , 4,500 acre loch that is a SSSI and RSPB reserve , thankfully all the local businesses and farmers are cleaning up there act so dumping less chemicals into the water , and as a result the water quality improves yearly and all natural feed is returning once again , and the blue green algae that haunted the water for years is no longer an issue like it used to be , though we still get the odd smaller out brake if weather conditions allow.
sounds a good plan ! It's good that they're improving conditions for the wildlife.
My sister lives south of Aberdeen, not far from Montrose which I believe is a great place for birds. Don't get a chance to go up there now, though. Have to make do with the garden birds, though we do see a heron quite often as there's a stream running through the garden.