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Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
New here had stroke 2017 Boxing Day lost my wife Christmas Day, and just moved house October new area, right side weaker as had polio when younger, so can’t walk to far can still drive sold my house as stairs were giving me problems and memories to hard to take, currently staying with youngest daughter will be going back to eldest daughter soon, trying to think what to do. Go away on a cruise but anxiety levels creep up thinking what if something happens, as have copd as well, any advice.
Hi Michael

You certainly have had a lot to put up with and many losses. My heart goes out to you!
There are agencies who provide assistants for holidays. It depends on you wish to be accompanied and in a financial position to fund it.
You would need to use a reputable agency.
It sound like a holiday would be beneficial to you.
As I am unsure of your level of disability here are some suggestions..
I personally don't know anyone who has used such agencies. I am not directly recommending or endorsing.
google search

https://www.disabledholidays.com/about/ ... idays.html

http://www.disabilityholidaysguide.com/ ... A50rt.dpbs

https://www.ageuk.org.uk/products/holid ... -and-care/
Why not start off with a single day coach trip? If that works try a
2-3 day trip, staying overnights.
Build up your confidence in this way and then go for the full cruise.

Happy holidaying. :)
Hello Michael and welcome
Going away for a break can often be a good idea, but even better is to start building a social life nearby. Is there a Men in Sheds group, a drop in centre or day centre or anything to do with your existing or past interests than can be started up again perhaps. ?
I know it can be difficult to take the first steps to something new, but it will bring so many benefits in the long run. It would also help your daughters to worry less about you :D