Adverts we Hate

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Nana that one is irritating!!!!
Jimbo, Im with you on that one Image
Nana - yes that one is terrible Image I want to throw something when that comes on!
i hate that advert (i think its for cuprinol) where the shed is crying, then they paint it and its all happy again. drives me nuts what a stupid advert lol.
Those bl**dy meercats! I could strangle them. They only use them to save paying real actors.
Heard on the radio, they are putting , a hard hitting drink driving advert on tonight,
first time, in the middle of Coronation Street, might be upsetting.
Silverday - I am with you on the Ikea advert. Violence to gnomes Image
And the bit at the end of the Virgin Media advert, where David Tenant writes and invisible figure 8 with his finger and then 'flicks' across with his two fingers. OMG. And then sometimes he does it again. OOH ugh.
I demonstrated it to daughter last week and she just curled up laughing. Ugh.