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Adverts for nursing homes. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Adverts for nursing homes.

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: Image @jugglers comments. And not wishing to be scaremongering juggler .... As we get older the hair lessens on some bits but suddenly decides to grow elsewhere Image !!!! hey ho, joys of getting older!!
Hi Dancedintherain

I must say I hope my daughters look after me as long as possible so I suspect if I have to go in to care they will be arranging it.
I do wonder how much business care homes get by advertising.
I don't think any of our family goes around looking at care homes. I only got involved because of my father and by visiting somebody I worked with.
It is however worrying as the person I worked with is only 5 years older than me and I am now older than 2 of the residents in the care home my father was in.

Interesting brian, just goes to show how different we all are, doesn't it?

And Yes,seeing folk younger than yourself in care is a bit of a jolt. I have been saddened by seeing parents visit their offspring who are suffering from dementia. Less common than husband and wives to both be dementia unit residents but it happens.

Just a reminder to all that dementia is not only an elderly condition. Image
I'm with you, Dancedintherain, on this. I have visited plenty of these places over the years, and seen everything from cheery, lively laughter and fun through to a grim circle of waterproof chairs with poor old shrunken biddies pretty much locked into their meal trays and looking totally vacant. The difference is partly the culture created by good management and staff, and partly the degree of dependency. The better homes try to socialise the more capable residents and yet don't exclude the ones who are more disabled. My father in law was fading into in the gaga group for years and yet still involved in activities - he was even at the Edinbugh Tattoo a few days before he died. But service charities like Blesma have a brilliant ethos that many private homes lack.
over a period of one year we visited over 20 residential care homes both in Northumberland and Durham this was way back in 2004 and not a single one was fit for purpose and from what I have seen in the last few years very little has changed....
Hi Scally

I must say the home my father was in did try to make the residents happy by bringing in entertainment dancing etc.
Unfortunately it did specialise in accomodating the very bad and often dangerous dementia patients.
Every patient seemed to think the other patients were idiots.

Agreed - the SSAFA peeps helped with dad at some stage - whether it was double glazing the windows or getting a replacement fridge/stove i am unsure as i was overseas at the time....but they helped out due to the fact he had been in the artilary in WWII.

As for me, I would rather die at home than enter the hospital/care system.

I have a 50-50 re hospitals based on experience of both working in on in the late 80's and Dad/D recently, but I dont think the NHS cater very well for organic vegans that dont drink tap water.... Image so i wouldnt last very long anyway... better off (for me) to be carcing it at home and letting nature take its course with acceptance. As to a care home - if they ever open a Tibetan Buddhist home for organic vegans, i might consider it.....but that is kinda out of the range, so... yep, 'stay home and die' for me if i got to that stage.