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day out

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as promised the story of day out...my day started of ok with shower,dressed nicely,jewellery,make up. check. had odd coment from fil , did not reply, asked if wanted anything from town dark choc as normal. off i go... bus arrived on time chatty bus driver the town was mobed. which was a shock still had a look in some of shopsand went to my fav, got myself a new outfit looked good even if say so myself, out of shop waving bags as i go.went passed this shop called works they having a sale on art stock,well i dont know what happend but i was in and out of shop in flash, art paper, brushes, water colour paints and beginners guide to landscapes. now i havent lost my marbles just took chance as it was a sale to try something i always wanted to do, never know fil might try it to. hee hee who came out of her shell then.. tryed a few places to get coffee but all to busy so went to sainsburys did bit of food shopping and went home.. i only made 3 hrs but i realy did enjoy myself. hubby impressed with outfit taking me out for meal next week can i keep up with this pace? you bet. bless he not to sure about art work but worth a try. fil pleased with choc so all in all a good day_ morning anyway had by all. HERES TO NEXT ON. and there will be a next one. bye for now part one of landscapes is calling. sunset
Sounds good to me. Book a date in your diary for your next excursion. Museum? Art gallery? Trip to a new place? Glad you had a fab day.
Brilliant, well done. Image
Well done, sounds like you had a great time Image Image
Well done. Looking forward to hearing about your next excursion.xx