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Accessible holidays? And MERRY XMAS :D - Carers UK Forum

Accessible holidays? And MERRY XMAS :D

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Merry xmas to you all, hope it was a fantastic day full of Turkey, tinsel, Tequila and tantrums Image

I was hoping someone could help me and point me in the direction of a holiday resort in the UK that is suitable for someone disabled. Not just accessibility but also maybe activities nearby? Also I would rather it was the South West ish- No futher up than the Cotswolds preferably.
It is my husbands 30th in March and I'd like to try and make it special, but there's no point going to sleep in a cottage if that's all we end up doing. We could do that at home.
Any advice/help/signposting would be fantastic!

Thank you xx
Have you tried looking at one of the butlins resorts, theres one south east coast bognor, also one at minehead.
Try googling for CHUC (Ceiling Hoist Users Club) - that's where we found the fantastic place we stayed in York a few years back. They have holiday places all over Britain. Some are a bit pricey though so watch out. The place in York was not bad at 400 for the week.

http://www.accessiblecountryside.org.uk ... ation.html
or just google disabled accessible accommodation Image
Hi Rachey,

Google Calvert trust. They have one in Devon. Excellent for activities for disabled, both physical and cognitive. You might want to give them a call to discuss your partners requirements, as they cater for severe disabilities as well. Some activities are archery, rock climbing, zip wire, abseiling, canoeing, etc etc.
Thank you very much everyone, fantastic ideas, have been googling my fingertips to the bone, it's always better when someone can give you a recommendation though Image
Hi Rachey,

What sort of activities do you and your husband like?
Eurostar have deals on at the moment for March
This is a great website for days out in Europe www.makintracks.eu

What is your husbands condition? I know you said you didn't want to go far, but sometimes it's no cheaper to holiday in the U.K
Hope he has a great 30th! Sounds like your on your way to making it very special for him x