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absolutely disgusted

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Rob's electric profiling bed packed up last Tuesday so he hasn't been able to get a shower since as the care workers can't put the bed up and down. Phoned the District Nurse and she said that they don't give out new profiling beds but recycled ones. Well the bed came this morning and it is in a disgusting state - totally chipped and lumps out of it. We just spent a fortune getting his room redecorated and a nice new carpet put down and this ugly disgusting thing completely takes the look off the room! Looks like we might have to end up buying him a bed - my son deserves better than this - god knows who has had it before him.
Eun thats awful! Who wants something thats been bashed up never mind a second hand one, i feel sorry for you getting his room all done nice and then have to have that monstrosity in it! You shouldnt have to have second hand but hoever had that bed first ought to have looked after it!
District Nurse came out (after an irate phone call from yours truly) and agrees that the bed is in a disgusting state "but its only cosmetic the bed itself is in working order" but what is truly flabbering my gaster is that I pointed out his current mattress is 10 years old and bits are falling off it so he also requires a new mattress but the DN tells me that they don't give out new mattresses only second hand ones. Are you kidding me - when I was in the hospital with young Rob last year and sat on the bed I was told to get off it for H&S reasons yet they are willing to give out 2nd hand mattresses.
Not only that - they won't pay for the specialist mattress which he is medically assessed (due to avoiding pressure sores) as needing but will only supply a cheaper not as good 2nd hand mattress.
She says if there is a 2nd hand mattress available then that is what she must supply! She says his condition is not critical so he doesn't need a special mattress as he doesn't have pressure sores but if he got pressure sores then they would think about giving him a special mattress - the whole point of the mattress is the avoidance of pressure sores in the first place!!!
She doesn't feel that a special mattress should come out of the DN's budget and anyway whoever supplied the bed originally should pay for the mattress also. The bed was supplied by the DN's themselves!!! Aaargh Image Image Image Tears hair out. I don't want my boy sleeping on a disgusting second hand mattress nor do I want to wait until he is covered in sores before he gets the mattress he needs.
At the moment he is sticking with his worn out specialist mattress rather than going for a cheaper option which might cause pressure sores. I think we will have to end up buying it ourselves - what the hell has the Health Service come too?

I understand your anger Eun, I have had the same problems with OT's who provided Mum's bed. The mattress is too small for the length of the bed, but they won't do anything about it as they think that I should be grateful that we have a bed at all. It's like banging your head on a brick wall. I'm sure it would be different if it was a member of their family being treated like this.

I would speak to the Manager of the DN's and if you still don't get anywhere, contact your MP. My MP had to get involved for me just to get the Inco bed sheets as the DN's wouldn't supply them. You could also try an OT as it was them that organised my Mum's bed not the DN.

I'm aware that you really don't want another fight on your hands, but I really would take it higher. Rob and you do not deserve this treatment.
Good luck x
This is beyond belief.

When hubby had his hip replacement the OT came and put the bed up on risers. I forgot they were there one morning and skinned my heel when sliding off the bed. I have been frantically bleaching it to remove the blood stains and can`t apologise enough to the OT about it. Everything we borrowed has been washed down and is waiting to be uplifted now the items are no longer required. I wouldn`t have the brass neck to return something in that state.

(((HUGS))) for you all in Eun`s house. You will need them.xx
That is awful Eun.
As a former nurse, we were always taught that pressure sores should be prevented,and it was the sign of a poor nurse if they occurred.It is shocking to think that now pressure care seems not to matter UNTIL pressure sores are already in place.
It is awful to think that you and your son are being treated so poorly now.
Another fight for you, it is so unfair and shouldn't have to happen.All stops should be pulled out to support you with keeping Rob as well as he can be.

I wouldn't put up with that either Eun. I wonder whether the old bed came from somebody who had a team of carers rather than "family" who would look after it more. I would actually feel inclined to go to the local papers with this because Rob deserves better.
This is beyond belief.
I wouldn`t have the brass neck to return something in that state.
They shouldn't have had the brass neck to send it out if it came back in that state Image

It so annoys me that there isn't a standard that everyone has to adhere to. Our community equipment store has never sent anything that hasn't been pristine, even if not new. And our community nurses are great too, all for prevention being best.
It's absolutely disgusting you and Rob have to put up with this Eun. Image
The problem is the NHS and Social Work services are no longer in house - it has been outsourced to a company called Equipu so the DN is claiming that it is not her responsibility nor is it the responsibility of the NHS but that of this private company to whom they have outsourced. Have just fired off a raging (but extremely polite) email to their Store Services Manager this evening so I'll see how that goes initially before I decide what else to do. Have signed it Eun W - BA Law (with distinction) to see if that puts the wind up them Image

Words fail me. Image I am not usually one of the "disgusted" brigade but I totally agree that this situation is just that - disgusting.

I wouldn't use a second hand mattress and I can't think of anybody that would - Eun, you know your stuff but apart from your law degree maybe the possibility of being named and shamed in public might really put the icing on the cake?

Keep us posted please.