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Christmas isn't Christmas without..... - Carers UK Forum

Christmas isn't Christmas without.....

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Board games. :)

Call me Old Fashioned!
Have just been playing a quiz game on cards with Dad. Just a few before I got too frazzled. Kept telling Dad to read number 3 as we did 1 and 2 last time, no not 4, no not 1 or 2, yes number 3. No don't read the answer first. No you listen to me and answer my question- it's not on your card. No put that card down and pick up the next one, no that's the one you've just read twice. :roll:
I was sitting there with a mental D written on my hand mentioned in another thread I read earlier.
Attending the Christmas Eve Crib service with the grandchildren.
Christmas isn't Christmas without.....

the children getting over excited on Christmas Eve
Mum having one glass too many of the gluhwein whilst basting the turkey
Dad snoring in the armchair after Christmas lunch
ANOTHER soap gift set from Aunty
Indigestion tablets (!!)
"A Wonderful Life" on the TV
Port and stilton on the coffee table in the evening. We all enjoy it, but only have it then. A drop of alcohol ensures M sleeps very soundly and doesn't wake my grandson when he is here. We always have cheesecake Christmas Day rather than pudding. Calorific content per slice means it's restricted to Christmas and birthdays!
Pet66 wrote:Santa!!
:lol: :lol: :lol: Pet, good one!
Booze. :evil:
christmas pud! I used to get my mum to post one to me when I was living in Japan. Cost a bomb!
Malcolm saying ,not more dvds where are we going to put them?.