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Hidden Figures,film recommendation - Carers UK Forum

Hidden Figures,film recommendation

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I saw this recently and highly recommend it. It's about 3 people working for NASA in the Space Race in the 60s, but they are female and black

Interesting, not heavy, would appeal to many I think. Was nominated for Oscars and imho is much better than Lala land
Mrs Average

Would love to check out film, but I think you forgot to add the link for it, or appropriate details... easily done; done that loads of times myself. Glad I'm not the only one ;)
Hi Saj
I suggest you just Google it to find local showings or your own preferred method of downloading or streaming.
The review sites are riddled with ads and I don't like spreading them lol

I think you'd like it very much, no hedgehogs tho!
Mrs A

Did as you suggested and googled "nasa in space race in 60s film" and found out film is called Hidden Figures. Bit of a give-away in your title, but I didn't notice that until AFTER I'd googled your info.

Will check it out over the weekend as too late now.

Nighty, night xxx

P.S. Shame there's no hedgehogs in it. I reckon Hugo would've made an ace astronaut and, after the way he behaved today, I'd blast him into space myself (only kidding... but am I :whistle: )
This was one of the last pictures we watched as a family in the children's hospital cinema and it was excellent. Wasn't something we would have gone to see when Robert was well and at home but it was very good. The last picture he saw the week before he died was Logan which was about Wolverine.

Like you Eun , I wouldn't initially have chosen it, but was pleased we did, and like you it suited our young adult as well as it did us.
I enjoyed both Hidden Figures and Logan, though didn't like Logan film ending.

Hidden Figures was a bit of an eye opener to say the least. I have read a few books about how the situation for many people was back then, but to see it on screen even though acting made it more real. Simple things we take for granted, trips to toilets, making a cup of tea.... to see what they went through was a disgrace.

We have an android box. Once films released at the cinemas we can usually get them within the week. An odd one have been bad copies so may take a little longer. The amount of choice you have for music, video's, B and W films, comedy series etc is immense.

x x