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The crazy thing is I've not been able to come on here since 24 April thanks to a broadband supplier from hell. Been with them over 19 years and had to give them notice of leaving them because of no home phone for months and intermittant services they haven't rectified since August last year. After giving them notice they prevented me getting any access to the internet and turned off my tv package. My son who has autism scratched all his face due to the frustration of not having any music channels they are still charging for. He's housebound and it caused chaos. Luckily I got the new provider to install the Tv package on May 2nd. The internet/phone is due to be installed on 15th. Today I have found I have broadband but for how long is the question.
Anyway tomorrow I'm off on my holiday to Cornish pastyland hopefully. I say hopefully as I have had a tummy bug for 4 days and trying to eat today. Still feel weak though. Not a great start to May anyone would have thought it was April fools day in this house lol...Still things can only get better can't they. See you all real soon:)
Charm, that's awful. Hope you are feeling better soon, and enjoy the West Country.
bowlingbun wrote:Charm, that's awful. Hope you are feeling better soon, and enjoy the West Country.
Thanks bowlingbun, checked weather and sunny 16 degrees. Looks like Thursday rain but pretty good. Me, my daughter and two granddaughters going so all girlie chill time. Can't wait! Xx
Looking forward to fish n chips by the sea, coastal walks and being a beach bum for a few days. Oh and club and bingo haha
Jeepers, internet on and off like a yoyo lol