The Book !

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Finally over a year later I have decided to crack on and try to write some sort of book. I must have learnt a thing or two along the way that others would find helpful so I am going to attempt to do some writing. I haven't got a clue about how to publish either the old fashioned way or on line but will cross that bridge if my project gets that far.
I made a stab at starting this morning so I plan to cover a ten year stretch and discuss around the issues in an easy to read honest sort of approach, throwing in a few lessons learnt along the way.
Well done Henrietta.
You have so many experiences to share. Having written many lorry club magazines. Members would tell my husband that they didn't know where it all came from He would tell them he didn't think I knew either, it just did.

Writing is like a journey. I have a James Taylor CD, and one of his songs is about "the secret of life". Life, and writing, is like a journey. Enjoy the ride.
Well done Henrietta!
Starting is often the hardest bit. Worry about publishing when it's nearly finished. :D
Oh wow, Henrietta. How exciting.

Very good, Henrietta. Best of luck with it.
Good on you Henrietta! It will be well worth the journey and I'm sure your book will help so many people :)