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A Tax rose is but a rose by any other name

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Why not get one of those big plastic storage boxes from £stretchers ,the biggest one is 80liters ?
Off topic ,but could you help me understand my electric bill ,i think SSE are overcharging me .
As i posted on roll call they have sent me a bill for £366 ,i pay £60 a month DD ,i am thinking of cancelling it and use a CC to pay most of the quarterly bill .
Seeing as you enjoy battling with electric companies i thought you might help me .
Hi DavidC

I can't be arsed digging out my 19 litre pondlet and replacing it with an 80 litre one. Good idea though.... IF I'd thought to ask for suggestions first (which I obviously didn't) and IF I had the space for it, which I don't think I have.

I'd be more than happy to help you out with your leccy bill. It will obviously be a bit more difficult to do from a distance (no popping around to take readings, etc) but I'm sure we'll manage via the internet.
I'll PM you later as I'll need to ask for some personal details before I can start.

I look forward to POTENTIALLY adding SSE's scalp to my collection comprised so far of: Scottish Power, Eon, Npower, Co-op, Opus Electricity and SWALEC.

Note the emphasis on the word POTENTIALLY. It could well be that your bill is correct. We'll have to wait and see? Either way, I'll let you know straight up, no messing around.

I'll PM you either later today or tomorrow at the latest.

Chow for now X
Hi Sagehar ,thanks for the help.
Hi David c
I think I've just sent you a PM, possibly 3 of the same one. I find PMing a pain. I can never quite work out if the blasted things have been sent or not. Let me know ASAP if you've received it. If not, I've copied it so can send it properly IF someone will actually explain to me how to do it.

"Red Valerian" - more commonly known as "Aunt Betsy" round here grows in everyone's garden - also comes in white and pale pink ! Helps to fill the odd empty space and flowers all summer long - plus the bees and butterflies like it :)

Sending a pm is much like writing a normal post - just make sure you've got the username spelt correctly, type your message and click on submit. If it's a new message (not a reply to one received) it sometimes presents with a "preview" page so that you'll need to click on "submit" again for it to be sent.

Message stays in your "Outbox" (see menu to the left of the message pane) until such time as the recipient reads it, then it moves to your "Sent" box. All three "boxes" will hold up to 200 messages; if they're full you won't be able to send or receive any more messages until you either adjust your settings (Rules,folders and settings) or manually delete some of the old ones.
Hi Sajehar ,haven't received any messages yet.
David, could you pm Sajehar? It will be easy for her to reply. Just a suggestion.
Hi Susieq

Sorted! Thanks to your 'idiot proof' instructions. I'd previously spelt david c's name with a capital D, plus that 'Preview' bit, when I'd never pressed on 'Preview' confused me. That's why I thought I might have sent it 3 times :-???

Also, I now know why there was a previous 'Sent' message (from Feb 2017) still in my 'Outbox'. It was never read in the first place. There's now 2 in my Outbox, hopefully just until David c reads it. Oddly enough, that unread PM was also about a Leccy bill.

I too am keeping some of the red Valerian; the rest has been dug up as it had spread approx 3 foot into the front lawn. I've already nick-named mine the M & M plant, with M & M standing for Midsomer's Murder.

Pet 66

IF David C STILL hasn't received my PM because I've still fluffed sending it (despite Susiqe's most excellent instructions) that's a bloody good idea. David C take note :)
Hi Sajehar ,i got your PM .
Hi Sajehar ,just emailed you the log in details you need .
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