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A Tax rose is but a rose by any other name

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This is gonna be a long post because WHAT a few weeks it’s been… hectic or what!
First SM. Shortly after my bro was hospitalised, SM received word that his dad was in hospital too
with a heart attack. So he high tailed it to North Wales. His dad survived, and is on all sorts of meds now.
SM stayed for the best part of a month ferrying his mum to the hospital and back as his mum can longer drive due to her arthritis and eyesight probs.

In the meantime, SM quizzed the docs about both his parents… I’m sure he must have trained in interrogation techniques. Armed with this info, and to fulfil the desire that both his parents want to both live and die in their house, and not a care home, SM sprung into full Sargent Major action.

SM’s are very impressive in many ways, but I don’t they’re geared up to run a society; they’re too bossy.

SM realised that sleeping downstairs was not an option, so he organised a stair lift to be installed.
At the same time, he organised their upstairs 1970’s bathroom (avocado suite… uck) be replaced by some open sided bath with slings, and otherwise seriously updated.
His parents are like me; they prefer baths to showers.

At the same time, AGAIN, he was worried about proper heating for them. Their old Arga/back boiler system was fine for providing heat during winter when it was middling to mild.. But it involves a lot of heavy work, which they are no longer capable of. Plus when it REALLY gets cold (a lot in Snowdonia… I reckon there’s a clue in the name) out come the electric heaters. No choice really, as there’s no gas laid on in the area. Result: Massive electricity bill in winter.

He has state of the art storage radiators installed too. But I advised him to make sure Scottish Power changed the metre from standard tariff to Twin Heat A. Then they’d really make maximum savings, and to put it in writing (email actually…same difference.) Otherwise they may try to palm you off with EC 7 (rubbish) or Twin Heat B (good for some, but not his parents.)

In the meantime, also, this was massive work, so SM, when his father was discharged, took his family to his home, to avoid the disruption. So SM ended up as a carer to his parent/s.

Money helps…. If you have it…. But what if you don’t.

We seem to be meeting in some kind of middle ground. .

And I haven’t started on The Kid; who’s doing really well. Or the new kid he’s taken on who wants to be a landscape gardener that SM and his parents have taken on.

I will fight for the fact that it doesn’t have to be like this. We can work it out. Can’t we just it out together?
Is that so neive?
Hi Saj, this is a sad phase of life, but it will pass. His turn this year for all the love and he deserves, but don't let him burn out trying to do tooo much for his parents. Be prepared to drag him away kicking and screaming for a break.
BB, SM is loving what he’s doing; he gets off on organising stuff. His parents were a bit disorientated at first when he took them back home. But, once they got the hang of using the chair lift, they behaved like kids with a new toy. And they now love their new heating system as my advice about SP is already paying off.
And the weird thing is SM has also become an ‘apprentice’ too. He’s now also working with the Welfare Rights bloke from the Food bank, and now wants to become a councillor!!!! (my spell checker has gone beserk for some reason.)
All that from a stupid bet we made yonks ago. Actually I think he’d make a very good councillor, but I don’t think he stands a chance in his area/ward. He wants to go in as an Independent, but his ward is utterly tory with a big T. The locals call his area FUM: that stands for F..k you money.
In the mean time, my bro is up to 8.5 stone (a stone less than he should be… but getting there) and he’s been put on a NICE trial, with amazing results.
She Wolf

What does SCD mean?
Sajehar wrote:She Wolf

What does SCD mean?
Strictly Come Dancing :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

p.s. welcome back Sajehar, we've missed you !
Update: One of my uncle’s (the one with brain cancer) died on Sunday. It came as no great shock as he’d been discharged from hospital, and MacMillan nurses put in charge. And what a job they do.
He died peacefully.

In the meantime, one of my bro’s sold his house, and what a manic time that was. It was taken over by property developers.

And my other bro is getting amazing results from this NICE trial.

My head is spinning.

Now SM wants me to help him be a councillor.

He’s decided to fight his own ward as he doesn’t want to preach to the converted. He now wants me to help him.


SM: You have a way with words….. Will you help me?

I’ll do my best, but I think he’s pissing in the wind. I must admit, I admire that he’s determined to try.

But I think he’s lost the plot over my ring.

Now I love this ring: It’s the only one I’ve ever worn…very infrequently.

It’s in the shape of an owl, with cut glass thingies.
….. SM has only gone and swiped my ring and got it re-made in bronze with pink sapphires (I always thought they were blue) and Colombian emeralds

But I like my old ring best.

It’s not much….. but I liked it.
Comment withdrawn.
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