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A Tax rose is but a rose by any other name

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Elaine wrote:If that's a self portrait Scally, very handsome!!
Thanks Elaine, I needed a good giggle xxx

Very handsome indeed. But in North Wales it’s the goats that rule the roost.

http://robertefuller.blogspot.co.uk/201 ... goats.html

As for the difference between lilac and violet… I’m not too sure myself.
To my Scouser’s mind’s eye, violet is a bluey purple, and lilac is a pinky purple. But I could be wrong.

Either way, SM got it seriously wrong when he decided to paint his patio room. He went to B&Q and bought a load of paint, on special offer, called ‘Brushed Steel’ or something.

Me: Did you get a Match Pot?

SM: Well, no…. it was on special offer.

Me: Probably because they want to get rid of it. Well don’t expect the paint to match that titchy weeny colour strip on the can; they never do.

I was right. Far from this steely grey colour (thank god) the paint dried to a pale coolish lilac colour with pink undertones (sounds like a contradiction, but that’s what it was.)

Me: Uh Ohh, Chongo…. SM, I don’t think you’re gonna like this colour….

He loved it :huh:

NEVER try to predict another’s colour schemes.

Me: You what :-???
SM is off his head.

On a whim/hunch, he bet a load of dosh at his local bookies, after the Leave vote, that Boris Johnson would never make PM.
Admittedly, he never expected to pick up his winnings so soon.
He won over £3,000!!!!

And decided to spend it (most of it) on a ‘proper holiday’ for The Kid and his family. They’ve never been on one before, so SM thought a couple of weeks at Butlin’s would be just the thing.

SM: Why are you so against a holiday… everybody needs holidays?

Me: But Butlin’s? Do they still exist?

SM: Yes. And it was your idea….

Me: But what if she was in debt….

SM: I cleared that with The Kid. He’s been in charge of the family finances since 13…. She jumped at the chance… courtesy of Boris Johnson!

Me: Ok, Ok… but how is it my idea? That I don’t get.

SM: You told me how great that holiday at Butlin’s was… your mum didn’t have to cook or clean, and you and your brothers could go on all the fair rides for free…. You loved it! I thought The Kid and his family might like a holiday together like that too.

To cut a long story short, The Kid’s family (including the mum’s best friend) are going to Skegness (How romantic) for 10 days. He insisted on two weeks, the mum insisted on a week; they settled on 10 days.

I think SM is getting a lady/lord complex. But I can’t deny he’s helping a family do stuff they wouldn’t otherwise do…. The kids are so looking forward to this holiday.
He's a lovely man. Hang onto him, you'll never ever find anyone as kind and generous and thoughtful. Not long now until the cruise?
Sounds like just the kind of man we'd all like :) has he got an older brother by any chance ? :lol: :lol:
I've just gone up against SM. I've voted against 'grey squirrel' culling.
Me: Wow! Nice ship.

SM: It’s a boat, actually.

Me: Same difference. Now what do I do?

I ended up running around like a blue-arsed fly, and loved it!!!! I ended up cranking things, dipping my head not to be hit by something called a boom, and then we sailed into the wind farm thingys off Rhyll.
They are ginormous, and took our breath away. The sea was so quiet; we kind of snuck on them.

I like sailing….

SM: So…. You weren’t sea sick?

Me: Are you kidding me… When can we go again? Were you sea sick?

SM: Only a little bit…

Me: You wimp! :-???
Had postcard from niece today, from the Fairy pools, Isle of Skye.

“S, saw this card and thought of the ‘Travelling fairies.’ you told me about.

No idea what’s she’s talking about… expect I did used to tell them stories…. I got sick of telling them (my niece and nephew) how I knackered my arm.

So I told them a giant eagle came and swooped me off, but I managed to escape it by tickling its feet.

My niece still believes me because I told her that if you tickle an eagles feet it will let you go, never mind that I had to fight a werewolf in the snow.

Niece and nephew: What happened next!

I made up some stuff about a dragon who wasn't a dragon, but pretended to be by stomping across the skies, and I think there may have some thing about faeries in there somewhere.

Oh what!

They were entranced…. We were sitting on the river bank…..
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