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A Tax rose is but a rose by any other name

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Hi ,hope you have calmed down by the time you get there ,enjoy your meal.
The meal did not get off to the best of starts. He complimented me – if you can call it that – by declaring that, “Thank the lord you didn’t turn up looking like a bag lady.”… Cheeky sod!
I replied, “What have you got against bag ladies? Praise be to Jesus that You didn’t turn up looking like an extra from an Enid Blyton book.”

After – kind of – insulting one another’s appearances, we then got around to insulting one another’s choice of drinks with the meal.

I wanted fizzy mineral water with a tiny dash of lime cordial; he wanted various wines. I have no objection at all to others wanting wine with their meals, provided I’m not forced to drink it.

“But this wine is excellent, why won’t you drink it?”

“Because booze interferes with the taste of food, and food interferes with the effects of booze… I want to enjoy my food.”

Which I did; it was seriously delicious. 8-)

“Just try a sip of red wine.”

I did; it was horrible.

“Oh my god, that tastes like mouldy Ribena.”

“Have you ever actually tasted mouldy Ribena?”

“NO…. but I can imagine that’s what it tastes like.”

And it does too, plus it gives me a head ache.

“Is there any drink you actually like.”

“YES! I like tequila.”

I haven’t drunk tequila for years, but this restaurant had it. They served it with salt and lemon.

Me, on receiving tequila: “How many Mexican bandits are coming in from the desert who need to replenish their salt intake by knocking back tequila with salt to disguise the awful taste of salt. Not many in the North West; plus we’re practically sitting on the Cheshire salt mine. Let’s just drink the bloody stuff, and stuff the salt and lemon.”

We did.

Him, outside restaurant waiting for taxis, “So I’m involved with a food bank, and you’re involved with am drams, how did that go?”

“Oh man – I was a wee bit pissed – they’ve come up with a really brilliant nativity revue. Jeremy Kyle is one of the three wise men, and presents Joseph with a DNA test…. It’s dead funny.”

He actually smiled - miracles of miracles- and I managed to sell him two tickets before we parted company, provided I accompany him.
That might be a bit difficult, as I’m in helping with making props and the stage stuff…. But he doesn’t need to know that just yet, or that this Am Dram group is made up from ex-junkies, etc, etc, etc…. to quote from The King and I.

I did a bit more than quote from ‘The King and I. I think I actually sang as the taxi turned up. I cannot sing to save my life…

“Please, dear God, please don’t let me have sung “Getting to know you” at the top of my awful singing voice. I think I did!!! :ohmy:

I'll never drink tequila again. :S
Oh my god, I may have serenaded him with some song from The King and I. I think it was Getting to know you.

But he's pulled one better, via utube... bastard!

Some gut instinct is saying Run a mile. I've run a mile. I want nothing to do with nutter.
I am so bloody bricking myself it defies belief. I have well and truly been put in the shit…

My stake mate – not content with our bet – put my name forward for some amateur dramatics club thing…. Through a friend, of a friend kind of thing.

I kind of agreed to this, but not to what he said to them.

In essence, they have too many actors, and not enough people making cossies, props, etc.

“You told them I worked at Twickenham Studios?”

“But you did.”

“Yes, but only in the summer holidays when I was a student…. Like 30 years ago.”

On and on it went, until he declared, “They don’t want somebody from Disney Studios, for god’s sakes, just someone who can help them make a few props.”

I agreed, and was to turn up on a Monday at a certain place. I did, but it was the wrong one.

Somebody rang me up on the Friday, to turn up on the Monday, and then I was told to turn up on the Tuesday. This date-changing did my head in.
I turned up to a meeting I wasn’t supposed to, but they let me sit in anyway.

I was shocked. There were druggies from all walks of life… the bog-standard ones, to the well dressed ones.

I don’t think I can help these people, but they seem to think I can help….

I don’t know if I can, but I want to….. What is a girl to do?
The roar of the grease paint and the smell of the crowd, :roll: if they are all out of it on drugs all you have to say is you did turn up .
You have a point David C.
And my father has told me the same thing. But I'm still bricking myself. Oh, what the ****. I’m going to that meeting. I am going to it because /I can no longer handle how my mother grabs me like an innocent, and I am not.
She wants me to kill her, and I cannot, but I still defend her.
But am I really? She is down to her last breath, and I can’t bring myself to end it. She looks so innocent at me; her eyes are so touching.
She is a child, and I cannot harm her. Is this my Karma, that I cannot harm her?
My mother wants me to kill her but I cannot.
Sometimes it gets too much. On the one hand she’s begging me to bump her off, on the other, she’s telling me how bloody wonderful I am as her daughter.
When I point out that I’m her only daughter, she just bursts out laughing, and we hug each other; that kind of makes me want to cry.
Can a daughter never be good enough? :side:
We can certainly be in a no win situation!

MY fave song. Haven't got a clue what they're wittering on about; something about pearl fishers in Latin. Still like it though!
Melodies, Unchained, or not, have nothing on this.
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