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A Tax rose is but a rose by any other name

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Hiya Saj
Like Shewolf I picked up on the almost, but not quite, testing the waters, proposal. So what's he go to do then? Down on one knee middle of a busy pub, sky writing, quiet and romantic with violins? Can't wait.
Many Happy returns by the way. Sounds like you had fun and then more fun. Good for you!
In some ways, being married gives more freedom, not less. You can be completely yourself AND have the knowledge that he is so proud of you that he wants to share his name, Mistress Steak Mate, and all his love for the rest of his life. So what don't you want like trust or believe? I'm sure he wouldn't be saying things like this without a lot of thought? Or is it too sson after mum, or dad's deterioration you are more cencerned about? Or is there another way you would like to declare it an extra special relationship?
Sajehar, don't be pushed. Do what's right for you.

And yes, he was almost certainly testing the waters. But I found "that's my girl" more telling.

Trouble is we're all suckers for romance and get carried away sometimes. Enjoy.
He was just joshing, and I took it as such. He was genuinely flabbergasted that I thought a utube link was a pressie. It was in my book; I liked that more than anything. My spine is still atingling from such amazing music I couldn’t track down, and I’m a good tracker!

Now I’m in a quandary. It’s his birthday in a few weeks’ time. What on earth do you get the man who has everything? I was thinking of getting him some kitchen gadget, but his kitchen wouldn’t look out of place on the Star Ship Enterprise it’s that hi tech (despite the long life milk… YUK!!!)

I hope you’re reading this SM. You are one seriously difficult dude to buy pressies for…. I’ll think of something!

In the meantime, he sent me some utube video about Jeremy Corban. God knows why, but I spied another to send back.

“Touche” was his reply back.

Here’s the vid link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki2JM6X ... i2JM6XFZ1k

I then remembered another utube vide; mum loved this one. It was also to do with ‘Putting on the Ritz…. Memories!


She loved that vid so much.
We may argue over the merits of long life V pasteurised milk – amongst other things – but I discovered on Saturday that we both share a love for churches/cathedrals. I should add that SM considers himself a Christian (high church, whatever that is) and actually goes to church occasionally without it being a wedding or funeral. On the last census, I put down my religion as being pagan.

SM: Why put down pagan? I thought you were an atheist.

Me: It seemed like a good idea at the time. And I am an atheist… except when in extreme pain, fear or panic. Then I cry out to god to help me, promising to go to church every Sunday, and confession on Friday, which I promptly forget about as soon as the crisis has passed.

SM: So you’re really an agnostic then.

Me: I have no idea what that means, but I like the sound of it. I shall look it up later, along with high church.

I did look them up later. It appears that I am an agnostic; now I know what to put down on the next census. High church is basically Church of England, but with all the knobs & bells of Catholicism. SM should’ve gone to a catholic school; that would’ve knocked any half-assed romantic notions out of his head.

For instance, we had to go to confession every Friday. Except, we’d never done anything. So we spent the entire hour we were supposed to be contemplating our sins making stuff up.
Whoever got the most ‘Our Fathers’ and ‘Hail Mary’s’ was the winner.

What a complete waste of everybody’s time.

“Forgive me father, for I have sinned…. I’d then come up with any old bullshit, and prance out of the confessional box, “I got ten ‘hail Mary’s’ and four ‘Our Father’s’ and light two candles…. Top that!

SM was shocked at my cynicism.

But we still both love churches….. maybe I am a pagan after all?
A new priest was taking his first confession ,later the head priest had a word with him .Father i was passing the confessional while you were taking confession ,in future i would like to hear you say more tut tuts ,and less cor blimey ,wow and go on what happen next . :D
Sajehar ,the church of England is better known as the tory party at prayer .
What to get him? Why not something for him to do, rather that something? A drive round a racing circuit, or similar. I know there are companies which specialise in this sort of thing, but the name escapes me.
A flight in a helicopter, a day driving a train, being a pilot, a cookery course, a massage, shooting arrows, feeding penguins - they are called 'experience days' or 'Red Letter Days,' although I think the latter either went bust or got taken over by Virgin. Same difference?
I have the most ace pressie lined up.... but I'm not saying anything.

David C, just for you (assuming the mods don’t remove it.)

https://kittysjones.wordpress.com/2016/ ... /#comments

I should really talk about my creative writing class. I managed to spark off one hell of a discussion about death. We were supposed to ‘Flash write’ about horoscopes. I finished mine so quickly the tutor said I could go for a fag break.

Me: Never say no to a fag break!

So I went off for one. But not nearly as much as I went off on the horoscope stuff. When it was my turn to read out what I’d written, I managed to shock the entire class into silence, then up roar.

Me: I didn’t write a short story. I wrote about me and mum….

Tutor: That wasn’t what I was expecting. Very raw. Brilliant writing, by the way.

Then the class exploded with everyone telling stories about death. Some were excruciatingly sad, others dead funny (the sort you shouldn’t laugh at, but do anyway.) The tutor just left us to get on with it; it took up about half the lesson!

Once the death stuff had worn its way out, we then had to do more flash writing. I must admit, terrifying though it is, I really like flash writing.
According to my tutor, I’m a script writer, rather than a novelist (I don’t want to be either, actually.)
My short story reminded him of Betty Davis.

Me: Who the hell is Betty Davis?

Nobody knew, until someone piped up, “Didn’t she get her legs insured for a million pounds?”

Out came the mobiles, tapping away like mad.

“Nope.. it was Betty Grable who insured her legs. Betty Davis insured her nose.”

That cleared that up then. I have/had heard of Betty Grable from my mum, but not Betty Davis. She sounds a bit of a cow, to be honest.
And she goes on about eating apple seeds; my fave bit of an apple. We have that in common, if nothing else. And then I remembered a discussion/argument I’d had with SM regarding apples.

SM: You’re seriously not eating the apple pips… they contain arsenic.

Me: Best bit of the apple; they taste just like marzipan… delish! I’ve been eating them for 50 years… try one?

He wouldn’t though. So my attempt at being ‘Eve’ failed. Still, all the more apple pips for me.
I’d still like to see that film though, just out of curiosity.
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