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A Tax rose is but a rose by any other name

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SM: So it took a riot to force you to sort your flat out?

Me: Made it respectable; it still needs redecorating. But I can do that standing on my head compared to cleaning the blasted thing. Actually it was more like a demo that got out of hand. But according to some bobby all hell was breaking loose, so I took his advice and went home.

SM: To use one of your dreadful Americanism’s… same difference.

Me: I don’t that is an Americanism.

SM: Whatever!

That made me laugh.
God damn it, I’ve actually missed the son of a bitch… to use more ‘dreadful Americanisms.’
Maybe I shouldn’t have made such a fuss about a £12 rebate from Scottish Power after all. But I had to, I just did, plus sort my flat out.
And a neighbour needs help against the Co-Op.

SM: Is there anything I could do to help.

Me: I need a new calculator; my old one is giving up the ghost.

SM: I think that can be arranged. You’re not seriously fighting the Co-Op with a calculator are you?

Me: Yes, that’s all I need.

SM: Isn’t that a little arrogant?

Me: Nope! That’s all it takes…. But the bloody thing needs to work properly. I’ll tell you about it when I see you tomorrow.

SM: God help me!

But seriously, I’ve really sussed out what is happening. The power companies have no standard operating technique. What is High Rate to one, is a Low Rate to another which they charge at High Rate… no wonder there are so many bloody mix ups.

For instance, the neighbour who called me regarding the Co-Op. Rate 1 with SP is a High rate, Rate 2 or 4 is a Low Rate. But it’s the other way round with the Co-op. The same must be the case with Eon and Power Gen…. that explains the mixed up rates I’ve had to fight like billy O.
It doesn’t explain why SP got their own figures mixed up though.

God help him!
I don't use a calculator, I just type online calculator into google: and up one pops:

https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid ... calculator

Thanks for the heads up about online calculators; never even knew they existed. I’ve got one on my mobile but it’s crap.
Personally, I prefer one I can hold physically in my hand. It saves carting a laptop around with me, plus a lot of people don’t have broadband, so it also saves me spending a tenner on a dongle.
But, in an emergency, it helps to know…. SO, cheers for the info. I’ve been a bit stuck regarding re-calculating her bills without a calculator (I’ve long since forgotten how to do long division and multiplication) but I’ve now sorted her billing, thanks to your heads up. Far from her owing the Co-op money, they owe her!

Plus, I think the Co-op may have broken the law. All the power companies have fiefdoms were they are in control of meters. Ours happens to be a Scottish Power one. According to her statements, the Co-op changed her meter for one of their own.
This has bumped up her bill because it’s a bog standard Ec7 and not Twin Heat A. So, I’ve got to get that sorted… the Co-op had no right to do this.

But it was useful. I was looking at her meter confused as hell. I took her readings…. Something is not right here. It bugged me on the train back.
Then I remembered I’d taken digital photos of others readings. I compared and contrasted. I was shocked at what I found.
The power companies have no rhyme and reason to their billing. What one classes as Rate 1, another will class as Rate 2 (or 4) to another. This is insanity.
And it always works in the power company’s favour. This is a scandal that needs exposing. But it won’t be.
It only affects about 10% of the population… they can be left to rot!

So I find myself in the bizarre position of looking to SP for help when I hate them with a passion. Talk about being caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea.


I think I may be jepodising my chances with SM. If so, than so be it. I'll miss the f..ker; but I can live with that.
Don't you dare p*** SM off because of your mission against power companies, or anything else. It's obvious to those of us reading your messages that you are so well suited. So put down that calculator (it can wait) and ring him up. I have also had my moments fighting things which needed fighting, successfully. There's a time and place for everything, and THIS IS NOT THE TIME for power companies. It's time to reconnect with your real self, after so much caring. The very fact that you've hardly set foot in your flat for so long says it all, you've nearly forgotten how to live a "normal" life. I'm sure you'll remember the saying here "Don't burn so others keep warm". You have a long life ahead of you, don't muck it up by concentrating on these power companies rather than a man who clearly is very, very fond of you. The person with the duff meter will be grateful and then soon forget you. Just for once, put yourself first.
But BB, it’s not a duff meter. It’s a fundamental billing error at their end; something I think all the power companies are making… and she can’t change power companies until it’s sorted… and… and…

Far from putting SM off (which I did fear, but was prepared to confront) he’s with me. I showed him the photos, and notes I’d taken, and the connections I’d maken.

SM: Jesus dear god you’re right.

But then he came out with his own sorry tale of woe. Some woman he delivers food parcels to has been served with an eviction notice. Not because she’s behind with the rent or anything (despite being hit by the bedroom tax) but because the landlords want to do the place up.

Me: What did you do?

SM: What could I do? I put her in contact with the Welfare Rights Officer at the food bank. God, I hope it works out for her… What’s going on with the House of Lords?

Rightly, or wrongly, I decided to stuff Scottish Power and the House of Lords, and took him to bed instead.

Selfish? Maybe? But SP can wait a day; and so can the House of Lords.

For the first time in ages, I’m enjoying myself, and I think SM is too.
That SM is enjoying himself too is one certainty in this upside down world. Enjoy!
Good decision!!!
Like many others, I follow your story with interest Sajehar. It's a highlight of my day. If someone decided to dramatise your romance, who would you cast to play you and who would play SM?
The rain is keeping me awake. I think SM is wrong; it’s not the bedroom tax (that only affects HA and council tenants) it’s the Local Housing Allowance (I’ve been boning up on this stuff.)
He rang m later in the evening.

SM: What are you talking about? The Lords have defeated the government…

Bless! He actually thinks that will make a blind bit of difference. It will just go back to the commons, and they’ll vote though exactly what they wanted in the first place. He’s very passionate about this scrapping the ESA, after witnessing his mate die on it. He wasn’t his mate exactly; he just delivered his food parcels.

Then we got talking on a totally bazaar subject.

SM: Are you going to propose to me.

Me: Propose what?

SM: The institution of marriage. Women can ask today.

Me: Can they? If I want to end up in an ‘institution’ I’d rather section myself in Ashworth’s.

We are agreeing to disagree on this one….
Yes! I’ve finally gotten my father to make out a will. That sounds horrible. I can still remember mum, she had no will… not that she had a lot to leave.

I still remember the young Irish doctor, and practically forcing my father to sign the ‘Do not Rescuitate’ notice. I remember handing it to the doc, but we were to keep it (I still don’t know why.)
I felt like I’d helped sign my own mother’s death certificate. Did I help kill her? She wanted a home death so badly; I saw to it she had one. Maybe I shouldn’t have.

Now I feel as guilty as hell. Perhaps if I’d sent her to hospital…. But she hated hospital. Her biggest dread was dying all alone amongst strangers. So I insisted that dad sign that form and we both fell asleep when she died. It was my turn to keep awake, and I couldn’t even manage that.

Now we have to collect her ashes. It’s her birthdate soon and I promised her I’d scatter her ashes by her favourite tree.

Dad: You were such an awkward little one. She went into birth with you on her birthday. She was so pleased that her first child was to have the same birthday as her.

But it wasn’t to happen. According to dad, according to mum, I wanted my own birthday, and was born 2 days later, by Caesarean Section, as we were both dying…. Thanks for that, dad.

I really needed to know that I damn well near killed mum when I was born, let alone signing (or forcing him) to sign her death certificate… NOT!
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