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A Tax rose is but a rose by any other name

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Opps! It was the Sussex police, not surrey.

MS: Well it helps if you get the location right..

Me: Sorry that I don’t have a Sat Nav attached to my head… will you still sign the petition?


He signed it!
I suggest you take a rubber ball on your next date, throw it into the nearest ditch, and ask him to fetch.
If he does, you have the perfect match. B)
:lol: :lol: Scally...
But Sarj is one heck of a woman, and I really reckon that she needs to meet her intellectual equal to be happy in love and life, and there aren't many guys who will make that grade. In the meantime this thread is the best fun I've had all year :roll:
Couldn't agree more Scally. I'm a romantic at heart, I love this thread too.
I think the death of this cancer bloke he delivered food parcels to has affected SM more than he likes to think. They weren’t great friends or anything, but they would have a cup of tea and a natter.
SM now ‘rages against the machine’ even more than me. I think I might have inadvertently created a bit of a monster… me winning a bet, and packing him off to a food bank, was a joke, after all.

SM: Now I want you to sign a petition.

Me: What? Who?

SM: To get that gentleman ranker booted out of office; he’s a total menace.

I had no idea who the gentleman ranker was; it turned out to be Ian Duncan Smith.

I willingly signed.

I knew better than to ask him what bought this on. He’d tell me in his own sweet time.

He was upset because this bloke had been reduced to living on about £35 per week; hence the need for the food bank parcels deliveries. He couldn’t even get out to pick them up; I had to stay in the car because I had the snuffles (low immune system, so I never met him.)

Me: You helped me put flowers on a mate’s grave; can I help you with this?

“Knowing you, you’d steal them.”

“I did actually….. I got chased all around the grave stones…. Still put them on his grave though…. Even though I had to high tail it out of the cement…

“You didn’t!”

“I bloody well did…..

I think I managed to cheer him up. Because I am a flower stealer!!!!
First of all he is no gentleman ,second replace the r with a w ,unless sm has a speech impediment ,think i signed the petition ages ago.
David, I thought it was a wonderful expression which the mods couldn't object too! A bit like saying you got your mucking words fuddled!!!
:D :D ,i think i am still on the naughty step as far as the mods are concerned ,i am very tempted to post the forbidden cartoon i posted a few years back :lol: :evil: :evil:
To get back to the subject at hand ,when a member of the Hang em ,flog em ,jail em ,send them back Brigade such as Sajehar's Boy friend is calling for you to go ,it is time to go :D

PS .Sajehar last post all in fun .
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