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A Tax rose is but a rose by any other name

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I received a rather frantic phone call from MS earlier.

Apparently, Steven Fry is in trouble for calling some dress designer or something a bag lady at some awards ceremony. Like I’d actually care, but he seemed to.

“You don’t mind that I called you a bag lady do you?”

“Don’t be so bloody stupid. Actually, I have a soft spot for bag ladies… there’re worse things to be.”

“Thank god for that….

I hadn’t even heard of this piffling storm in a tea cup till SM rang me. I was flattered that he even saw fit to ring me about it. I reassured him that, in my opinion, she probably did it deliberately, her mate would have known this, and it was just an in-joke gone wrong… nothing to get excited about.
If not, then so what! If you really are the world’s greatest whatever, you can do what the hell you like…. Including being a bag lady.

I ended our call with a rousing cry of, “Bag ladies of the world unite.”

I shouldn’t laugh really, but it’s either that or cry. I mean, the world is on the verge of WW3, and all this stupid News can go about is some stupid remark by some stupid celebrity. No wonder I no longer watch telly. It’s nothing but bubble gum for the mind.
And I’ve nothing against bubble gum, occasionally. But when it becomes a total diet, then that’s dangerous. As I know only too well….. Now, where’s that coffee? And I don’t mean de-caff :woohoo:
I have many clothes I refer to as my "bag lady" look. Surrounded by mechanical toys belonging to late husband and both sons (yes, M owns some too (!) and with a large garden to play in, I keep my oldest scruffiest clothes for "playing" in the garden/engine shed. I wear clothes suitable for the occasion.
Having seen the award ceremony last night, I'm not surprised Stephen Fry said something, it looked like a biker outfit (no disrespect to bikers, I've been one). I felt it was disrespectful.
Dad’s been a bit poorly of late, so I’ve been concentrating on him. He’s just got back from hospital, and all is well so far.

SheWolf and Bowlingbun, regarding being appropriately dressed for award ceremonies, I can leave that dressmaker lady standing.
It wasn’t quite the Bftas or Grammys, but an award ceremony nonetheless.

It was 1986 and I decided to set up my own business in London via the Prince’s Trust. I was given a mentor and had to complete a business plan course.
I ended up producing a business plan more suited to ICI PLC than a titchy start-up. My mentor entered it in for some Live Wire competition sponsored by the Nat West bank. I won an award (£1,000).
But the date of the award ceremony coincided with the official start date of my business. I was so wrapped up in fulfilling my first order that I completely forgot about it.

I received a frantic phone call from my mentor demanding that I get myself down to the Nat West Tower ASAP. My bro was helping me out, and drove me down there.
Security wouldn’t let us in. Mould making & casting is messy work. We were in overalls covered in plaster and silicon rubber. My mentor had to come down and clear us.

Everybody else was in business suits, and the women could’ve given Joan Collins a run for her money (this was the eighties; power dressing and all that.)
Me, my bro and my mentor were somewhat ostracized.

The bloke giving out the awards was the chairman of the Nat West; a Lord Borman, Boardman, or something.

When my name was called out, I felt like crawling under a rock. But when I got up to the stage, this bloke did nothing but praise me. I was the future of British industry (he was wrong there), prepared to put my business before everything, blah, blah, blah.

After the award giving, there was to be a banquet. He came up to me, asking to escort me into the banquet. I agreed.
I didn’t quite give the ‘Two Fingers’ up to all those others who pointedly ignored me and my bro and my brill mentor, but I did in my minds-eye.
Their annoyed, shocked looking faces were enough for me.

Later he asked if I, and my bro and mentor, would like to go to the top of the Nat West tower.

“To bloody right I would.”

He gave us a personal tour; the views of the Thames were astounding.

The old goat flirted with me; I reciprocated.

“If I were 20 years younger, I’d be chasing after you.”

“If you were 20 years younger, I’d let you.”

I was being polite; he’d have to have been 40 years younger!

When I related this story to SM he cracked up.

“So, you too have had dealings with the City of London.”

“I’d hardly call it that…..
As the very old saying goes, they broke the mould when they made you. You are a ray of sunshine on the darkest of days and I hope Steak Mate/ Soul Mate/Sensational Man understands what a treasure he could share life with, IF he plays his cards right.
It's good to be able to get that close to the establishment, if only to realise how shallow and false it all is. All those posh folk, almost without exception, when they have a moment to reflect, regret the fact that their life-paths have taken them away from the simple pleasures of life. Social success and wealth do not bring happiness - they just cut you off from people, force you into a straitjacket, turn you into an object.
This is not glorifying poverty, by the way, real poverty is horrible, but most people are not in such dire straights.
I would recommend anyone who likes a bit of fun to register with the BBC for their free shows: they offer lots of chances to be 'in the audience' and I have been to many such free live recorded events in Glasgow with my son over the years, including the Jazz festival and the Glasgow Commonwealth games opening.
Scally, Rob has just got three free tickets to the taping of a show called Robot Wars which is going to be filmed in a big warehouse in Renfrew. Never been to anything like that - hope they have a seat for me!

Tell me if they have a spare seat .... love that show!
Is ‘Robot Wars’ that program headed up by that bloke from ‘Red Dwarf.’ If so, it hasn’t been on telly for a while.
Didn’t all these Heath Robinson types make robots out of saucepans and things and batter seven hells of shit out of each other?
If it’s the same program I’m thinking of, then mum used to really like it too. Which surprised me…. Putting it mildly. :woohoo:

“But if that’s what you wanna watch mum, we’ll watch it!”

I knew it, I just knew it. A while back I was raging to SM about all these stupidly insane policies that councils are coming up with against the homeless. Fining them a £1,000… like that really makes sense… NOT!
I’d signed loads of petitions to get these policies stopped, and they worked too… miracle of miracles. (They did in Oxford and Liverpool, not too sure about the other places.)
I told him about Surrey police doing something similar, and that would be another petition to sign.
Sure enough, it turned up in my inbox today (well, yesterday, but I didn’t bother checking it till today.)

I can only assume they got my details from the other ones I’d signed. The ironic thing is that the petitioning site is based in America. I signed it, if only to keep these crypto fascists on their toes.

He rang me earlier.

SM: You’re not going to bore me to death about the homeless later, are you?

Me: Nah! But have you seen what’s happening over that Tee TIP thing? MP’s are only allowed in to see it with a pencil and paper…..

SM: And what has this to do with the price of eggs?

Me: Everything, if those carpet baggers get their way. It’s well dodgy….

SM: Before western civilisation collapses, are you coming around tonight?

Me: Will you sign the petition against the Surrey police?

SM: It’s a deal.

Me: Done… now about that Tee Tip stuff…..


Me: No need to get so snarky…. I’ll show you the links later.

And I will too. The Germans seem to be putting up the best defence so far against this Tee Tip stuff. My mum would be so surprised (she hated the Jerry’s.) Sorry mum!
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