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A Tax rose is but a rose by any other name

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Change of plan. SM's rang me a bit earlier to let me know he's not going to his parents today after all but tomorrow. I'm a bit knackered so have decided to leave off my mega planting session till tomorrow and just spend Saturday at my flat. I have to return Saturday evening as it's my WB's birthday on Sunday and we're treating him to a family get together meal at the lodge.
I work Sunday mornings (10am - 1pm) at a local charity shop so will have to return Saturday night to guareentee being at the shop by 10am.
That reminds me.... I've got to book a table for 8. Am tarting up Anubis at the minute and force drying the wood filler on my honeysuckle portable trellis's. Indoor work, so stuff the weather and the Met's forecasts B)
Dad's having kittens because I'm doing my spray painting, wood filling, etc in my room. He can be a bit of an old woman too sometimes. He doesn't half panic over nothing.
Got to dash, his highness wants me to drive him to B & Q to go pick up a tray of 30 part grown geraniums. They've got a sale on apparently, and dad can use his Pensioner Discount Card. MORE bloody plants to plant. But I know just were to put them...

I noticed that the pic of my seed packets was on its side, so edited it and turned it the right way round. No idea how that happened :-???

Chow for now X
Hi Sajehar
I can't recognise the plant you want identified from that picture. Could you take one from the side so I can see height and habit a bit better? What do the roots look like?
Oh, and can you send some of your energy and motivation this way please? I keep looking at my garden thinking 'must get out there' but nothing happens

Could it be what is called wild chervil here - and I know as cow parsley, but only when it has got tall flowers on it, and usually in meadows:

http://www.wildfooduk.com/hedgerow-food ... -hedgerow/

If so, it apparently is herb-like, but again, despite the name containing the word 'parsley', I didn't know that. but they say here that there are similar plants that are poisonous, so you shouldn't risk eating it!
This site has gone balistic tonight. First it wouldn't let me see my own photos until I logged in. This message appeared otherwise:

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Just who on earth do I need permission from to view my own photos :-???

Then I tried to upload 2 photos for MrsAverage, as she requested. The whole post disappeared. How annoying is that... very anoying indeed :pinch:
Try again..............................

The plants in question are the ones reflected in the mirror. They're about 8" high max, no flowers yet and their roots are massed and very thready.
weeds maybe, maybe not 2.jpg
Close up of plant, taken on top of laptop with Greta's link showing in background.
wild chervil maybe.jpg
Greta, I reckon you're right and it is wild chervil. Cheers for the link. Have a cyber thank you kiss :kiss:
You too MrsAverage :kiss:

SM has just woken up after he fell asleep during Question Time. Can't say that I blame him. It used to be one of my fave programs a few years back, but it really gone down hill since it's glory days.
Better not let SM know that my wild chervil might be some form of hemlock. I'll never hear the last of it otherwise. Wasn't Plato forced to drink hemlock as a form of execution for corrupting Greek youth? Or was that Socrates? Some Greek philosopher bod, anyway.
Chow for now X

Bloody HTTP error message now. Try again :?

I THINK I've now succeeded.... FINALLY B)
This site has gone balistic tonight. First it wouldn't let me see my own photos until I logged in. This message appeared otherwise:

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Just who on earth do I need permission from to view my own photos :-???
because until you log in the forum doesn't know you ARE Sajehar !!
If it was me I would remove the wild chervil, simply because 50 or 100 of them in full flower in a field look good, but one or two flowering stalks would not be worth the space it takes up.

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wildflower-S ... 0796094508

Or I suppose you could turn the whole garden into a small meadow!
Hi Greta

It’s official. I’m now a bigamist. I’ve joined another forum; a gardening one this time. But Carers UK can rest assured that they took my cyber cherry (to stick with the gardening theme) regarding forums and will forevermore remain my first and true love.

I posted in their ‘Identify a Plant’ bit complete with the close up and far away photos they requested (the same ones I later posted on CUK for MrsAverage.) According to the gardening forum my unknown plant is Feverfew; a most useful herb indeed!
I shall know for certain by about July as Feverfew produces plump daisy-like flowers.

Picture of Feverfew leaves form FF website
Picture of my mystery plant
wild feverfew maybe.jpg
They do appear to be very similar don’t they?

But regardless of whatever it is, I really like this plant and don’t much care whether it has flowers or not.
If just a quarter of the bulbs/seeds I’ve planted/sown grow then that back wall rockery is going to be a psychedelic riot of colour and a half. So a bit of plain green will probably be a bit of welcome relief for the eyes. Plus I like its slightly fondy leaves, smell and bright green colour. But its herb-likeness has given me an idea though.

This plant doesn’t seem to mind being transplanted elsewhere, so I’m going to thin it out and plant it right up to the mirror, creating a sectioned off area to its right. This small section is going to be a herb garden. The return wall bit will be ideal for putting rescued planters full of herbs on too. That’s the idea anyway. Remains to be seen if it actually works.
I spend a small fortune on those living herb pots from Morrison’s as I love eating fresh herbs. My faves are rocket, chives, coriander and basil (in that order) so they’re the ones I’m going to try and establish.
At this rate I’m going to turn into one of those witchy ald wimin. I’ll be keeping cats next :shock:

The garden beckons….. Chow for now X


Anubis is beginning to look like a true effigy of his ancient Egyptian namesake; he wouldn’t look out of place in King Tut’s tomb. Plus, Apollo will be re-homed today, and dad’s given me permission to disguise our composter as a Dalek.
Oh, that's interesting. I am not an expert. I have heard of feverfew but don't know anything about it. I would like to grow more herbs if I move.

Rocket isn't a herb though, more like a salad vegetable. I loathe rocket! They are stuffing it into everything now. You are welcome to it.
Feverfew made into a tea is great for headaches and migraines !
Hi Susieq

According to the website I checked out, fewerfew is also good for arthritis too. Once it’s flowered, IF my plant is fewerfew, I’ll knock up some concoctions for dad to drink. He looked horrified at my suggestion.

Dad: First you think it might be coriander and good in salads but didn’t taste nice enough. Then you think it might be parsley cows eat. Then you think it might be hemlock a deadly poison. Now you think it helps out arthritis… I’ll stick to my glucosamine supplements and codeine thank you very much!

Me: You unadventurous wimp! That glusomine stuff obviously doesn’t work or you wouldn’t have arthritis in the first place, would you?

Dad: If I didn’t take it my arthritis would be even worse… did you ever think of that?

He has a point. SM occasionally gets headaches (I never do) maybe I’ll test it out on him, IF it’s feverfew.

Had another change of plan. I was supposed to work in the garden on Friday, and go to my flat on Saturday. But it was pouring with rain on Friday so went to work on my flat in Liverpool instead.
Big mistake! Our normally emptyish railway station was packed and I nearly lost an eye due to some woman’s rather spiky fascinator hat. I was carrying a lot of stuff with me, and had to sit huddled in a corner with stuff piled up on my lap instead of having two seats to myself as normal.
I’d forgotten it was Grand National week, and that particular day was Lady’s Day. Always a good idea to avoid public transport during the GN, especially Lady’s Day.

Central station was a nightmare to navigate, so I had a well-deserved fag just outside the entrance. A few feet away were a trio of stunningly dressed GN ladies wearing high heels that were positively vertiginous. A photographer, with a really fancy camera and enormous lens, was trying to sneakily take photos of them, which I thought a bit odd as they’d probably love being photographed if he just asked them.

They wondered off, and as I was putting out my roll-up, he came up to me. First, he thought I was a young lad :dry: I put him right on that one!
He then started going on about how he’d just taken an ace photo of the GN ladies and me in the background. He liked the contrast between their extravagant luxury and my street homelessness :pinch:
He was a freelance photographer, specialising in social commentary, and was hoping to flog the photo. So, he wasn’t trying to sneak a photo of them per say, he was wiggling around with his camera trying to get all 4 of us in his photos together.
I was gobsmacked, and before I could reply, he wanted to know if my bedding was in the peddle bin I was humping around as my rucksack was too small for a sleeping bag, etc. He’d photo’d loads of Liverpool’s homeless, but never one carrying around a peddle bin with them. Bin liners, yes, but no peddle bins apparently.
He was so disappointed to find out I wasn’t homeless after all his efforts to collar his photo. You’d have thought he’d been glad that a ‘young lad’ wasn’t homeless, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, after being mistaken for a homeless person for the 4th time – first a posh house frau, yummy mummy type, then a rushed business man, then by a homeless person who thought I was prostituting myself, and now by a photographer – I got a lot of work done in my FLAT, not a CARDBOARD BOX.

Walking down Bold Street to return back to dad’s was positively surreal. It’s always busy on a Friday night, but more so that day. It was full of parading women in really posh and/or flamboyant outfits with weird and/or wonderful hats which wouldn’t have looked out of place at a fancy dress garden party. Yet virtually all the women were wearing flip-flops :blink:
Clearly an antidote to high heels. Next year I’m taking out shares in a flip-flop company and make a killing!

Got to dash now, as I’m off to work at the charity shop and then my bro’s birthday bash, so no gardening today.

Chow for now X
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