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A Tax rose is but a rose by any other name

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I agree, I'd vote for SM. :D
Me too.
One of the best suggestions yet!
Anyway bojo is out of the race ,don't think i want the head girl to win ,i think grove should win ,he should then lose in 2020 .
Assuming there's anything left to lose!
SM: So, how’s the wounded warrior? …. Hosepipe slayer extraordinaire.

Sarky git!

Me: This bint no longer needs a splint… I can wriggle my fingers properly now.

I got into a fight with a massively tangled hosepipe; I lost. I tripped on one of its sneaky coils, went flying onto the patio, and landed on my wrist.
A&E X rays confirmed it wasn’t broken but weren’t too sure if I had a hairline fracture or not (they can take days to show up) so I was bandaged & splinted up, plus my left arm was put in a sling.
Another X ray was taken today; no hairline fracture so far has showed up. So I’m now wearing a compression thingy with attitude, but my fingers can wriggle, which means I can now type.

That didn’t stop SM and me getting into an argument/discussion/debate (narh! Argument) about Theresa May and Farage, which, rather surreally, further lead onto an argument/debate about a past pop star (if he was ever even that.)

SM: That’s what they always say.

Me: Oh wow! That’s like my second favourite song by Chris Rea.

SM: Please don’t tell me you were a fan of Chris Rea…

Me: To right I was…. So up yours! Mind you, I haven’t listened to him in years. And admittedly, he was no Adonis looks wise, but with a gravelly voice like he had, who needs looks? I do believe he was once called the thinking woman’s crumpet.

SM: And that’s supposed to be an accolade?

Me: Why not?

And to prove my point, gravelly voice wise, I got SM to bring up my fave Chris Rea song on utube…. Still makes me go weak at the knees after all those years.


Me: Doesn’t that voice make you go weak at the knees?

SM: Not really, no.

Me: You have no soul…

And I promptly fell asleep from the painkillers the doc had given me.

When I awoke, SM played me a song from utube by Chris Rea that he did like.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWTE6kw ... 9-hPG9kq2B_
Me: Hmmm…. It’s a bit smaltsy; I prefer his earlier stuff.

SM: You would!

We are going to have to agree to disagree on this one, as on so many things.

SheWolf, SM has already been an MP!!!!

I was gobsmacked.

Me: You’ve been a Member of Parliament. You never told me.

SM: I never told you I was a Member of Parliament. MP can also mean Military Police. I was with them for two years; part of my training.

Sneaky son of a gun….
I used to live in Chester, as an NHS trainee manager, and my then wife was a very nicely-spoken fashion designer, on the first rung of the career ladder after gaining her degree in fashion design from Cheltenham Art College, and working in Liverpool for a Jewish company that mainly made and sold cut-price rip-off kids designer clothes to high-street chain stores.
(When I say rip-off, she and her boss used to regularly head off to Paris and Milan to illicitly photograph all the top-designer-label kids stuff in the stores, then work out how to replicate it/nearly/not exactly for a tenth of the price).
Obviously this was before the days when the Chinese did the same thing for even less. But don't say we didn't invent design piracy - it has been around for millennia, lol.
One day she asked one of 'the girls' to fetch her some of the Primrose cotton.
The poor wee lass came back after ten minutes; she had asked all her pals but none of them knew what colour primrose was.
Sort of says it all, really.

Isn't primrose like a pale soft yellow? Who doesn't know that?
Sajehar wrote:Scally

Isn't primrose like a pale soft yellow? Who doesn't know that?
You know that. I know that.
Much of the great Liverpool proletariat - apparently - don't know their lilac from their violets.

Don't blame me. I'm just a po' country boy ...
Rammin' it here, rammin' it there, rammin' it everywhere ...
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If that's a self portrait Scally, very handsome!!
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