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A Tax rose is but a rose by any other name

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My conjunctivitis cleared up in about two days, thanks to the eye drops the doc prescribed me. But now I’ve gone and got hay fever. My eyes won’t stop watering, neither will my nostrils, I can’t go out in the sunshine without sun glasses as it hurts my eyes, and I keep having sneeze attacks… it’s bloody awful.

SM: Nice sunglasses.

Me: They’re snow glasses actually. Dad bought them years ago when he used to go skiing… something to do with white out. Anyway, they work. But, by god, they make everything so orange… but at least I can go out in the sunshine now.

Anyway, The Kid’s interview didn’t quite go to plan. SM took him to Topman, or Topshop (or whatever it’s called) to buy him a black suit, a couple of white shirts, and SM let him pick out his own tie.

SM: I just knew he was going to pick red as he’s a LFC supporter. And he did too… but it looked fine.

SM went into the ‘interview’ with The Kid as moral support.

The first question SM’s mate asked The Kid, The Kid looked to SM to back him up.

SM: Don’t look at me; look at the interviewer.

Despite all of SM’s training, the interview, if it had been real, would’ve failed.

Interviewer: And what do you think my company can offer you?

The Kid: Numbers.

Interviewer: Apart from numbers, what else do you think my company can offer you?

The Kid: Nothing.

Zero out of ten for interview technique; ten out of ten for honesty.

Regardless, The Kid is actually 16, but looks like a 12 – 13 year old, and started his work placement on Tuesday. He’s doing really well, so far, according to SM.
The Kid was suspended from school about a year ago. He was put into what the locals call the ‘Holding pen.’

Basically, these kids sign themselves in, and then disappear. Try stopping a determined teenager from ‘disappearing.’ That’s why The Kid ended up at the food bank.
I think if he didn't have the great good luck to run in to your intended next stop would have have a young offenders unit ,then his first taste of prison ,all the best to him.
No one can say he hasn't had a great chance to avoid it, David. SM seems to be a decent guy - he certainly has good taste.
Anyone but bojo ,i am thinking of joining the con party just so i can vote again him ,am i right in thinking con party members vote for their leader.
I'm with you, David. Yes, you can join for £25 and get a vote. Desperate times call for desperate measures!
So that is 2 votes for the the head girl Theresa May , :D she seems the best of a bad lot.
David C, SM is a true blue Tory, but thinks Boris Jonhson is very dangerous.

But back to The Kid.

SM’s mate (I’ll call him Sam, not his real name) was questioning The Kid about his hobbies during the ‘interview.’

It was heavy going, as The Kid doesn’t really have any hobbies. Then he piped up.

The Kid: I like the countryside and looking at the trees and stuff. I’ve even seen foxes.

SM and Sam were both shocked to realise that The Kid’s idea of the ‘Countryside’ was his local park! He’s never been outside of his local area…. No day trips, no nothing.

As dad’s been poorly of late I couldn’t go to North Wales this weekend as planned, so SM took The Kid instead, to show the him ‘real’ countryside.

The Kid’s mum packed his bag with decent clothes (The Kid’s scruffiness is some teenage rebellion thing, apparently) and SM picked The Kid from Sam’s place Friday evening.

Me: But won’t your parents mind you plonking a teenage scally on them?

SM: Are you kidding me? They’re lefty liberal do-gooders… they’ll take to him like ducks to water… I hope!

SM was right. The Kid was astounded by the scenery, and had a whale of a time. SM took him skiing on the Great Orme (artificial ski slope) and white water rafting in Langollen, both of which The Kid loved doing.
But what he really got off on doing was picking veggies from the garden with SM’s mum, and going to collect eggs, from a neighbour who kept chickens, with SM’s dad.

SM: And The Kid blew all of the spending money his mother had slipped him that she could ill afford on tatty souvenirs for his mum, baby sister and brother. We’d only been on Llandudno peer 10 minutes… and I couldn’t stop him. He was supposed to spend it on himself.

Me: So what did he buy then?

SM: Some really kitsch figurine of a woman in Welsh national dress for his mother, a doll for his sister that squeals ‘Welcome to Wales’ when you press it’s belly button, and a Welsh flag for his bother as he like dragons. Oh, and it gets worse….

Me: How so?

SM: We went to get an early supper at a really good hotel. The Kid could’ve had anything on the menu. Fillet steak, for god’s sake. But guess what he chose…

Me: Let me guess…. Beef burger and chips.

SM: With baked beans!

Me: Well… he is a teenager; what did you expect!
Hi ,is SM's toryness :D a two fingers to his parents? :D
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