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A Tax rose is but a rose by any other name

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Send him a text.
It should read:-
'Quack, quack squalk?
Quackly quackly grunt!
Quackly squish. XXX'
He sent me a text. I won’t repeat it as it’s not really repeatable.

But I took great pleasure in telling SM he was wrong about the Housing Officer bloke. He rang me up later to tell me he was very impressed by my BBC file (as I call it.) I’m ‘Very thorough’ and he’d, “Love to have me on his team.”


Thing is, I don’t know a thing about something called Universal Credit. I will bone up on it. According to SM, it’s a disaster. The area his food bank operates in has UC and people are waiting weeks for money to turn up, hence the need for food banks.

He’s turning into a bigger so-called commie than me.

We shall ‘kiss and make up’ later today. 
well done !!

GO Girl !
I do not believe this. A while back I emailed Baxters to complain about the difficulty I had opening their Frey Bentos pie tins. I’d never had problems with them before, but despite begging & borrowing about 6 different can openers, I still couldn’t get the blasted thing open. I ended up using a hammer and chisel. They’ve actually written back to me!

According to their Customer Complaints Coordinator, a Fran Farquar (nice alliteration), “However, we do acknowledge that a number of our customers are experiencing difficulties opening our tins. (Too bloody right we do… my words.)

She then went on to describe that the design of tin openers had changed (no they bloody haven’t; mines years old and never gave me any bother before, so why now?... unless the can’s design has changed.)

She advised me to get a Brabantia Essential Line Opener or Oxo Good Grip Opener instead.

I rang SM about this snail Mail letter, and he burst out laughing.

“What have Frey Bentos to do with Baxters; don’t they do soup?”

“These companies change hands faster than a fiddler’s elbow. Frey Bentos ended up with Baxters in Scotland as opposed to Argentina…. I tracked them down on Wikipedia.”

“So, are you going to change your can opener?”

“Not a bloody chance on it; Frey Bentos need to change the design of their lid back to what it was….

“Is this another campaign you’re embarking on?”

“I like Frey Bentos pies, and it seriously annoys me I can’t open the bloody things any more….”

According to SM, I need to ‘Prioritise.’

I know what I’m going to ‘prioritise’ tonight… and it isn’t steak & kidney puds
i turned up, Oh well, I was a total whore. Still,l don't regret it. "I'd rather be a whore than a wanker."
He actually agreed with me... that's a first!
Any man who is a friend of red squiggles, is a friend of mine... saw this one on Saturday on Speyside.
Red Squiggle
P1200480.JPG (44.9 KiB) Viewed 2162 times
No idea where Speyside is. But those red squirrels had better keep away from me, I like the grey ones! Great photo, by the way.
I am crying about my mother: total waste of time as she was so old; but I liked her stories. Now what do I do?
Speyside is in North East Scotland. I had no idea Scally was so far north. I got into my head that he lived near Glasgow.
Avimore is in Speyside. I’ve never been there, but my dad loves the place. My dad used to go skiing there. He was first sent there as some kind of pre-training thing for snow & mountain warfare before being packed off to Norway.
According to my father, he and his fellow commando’s thought they were the bee-knees after just a few weeks training in Scotland.
Then these 4 years olds showed them how it was really done. Little show-offs could ski before they could walk, according to my dad.
And after all that training in Avimore and Bombast, where was he sent? To Cyprus, then Egypt…. A fat lot of good skiing training would do him in a desert.

Somehow all this talk about Scotland and Norway led on to Northern Ireland. SM did 12 tours of duty there. “A very nasty war, with very nasty atrocities committed on both sides.”

He’s more anti-war than I am. Hardly surprising, as he’s actually experienced it. He does not recommend it.

And this Speyside place is seriously into whisky. Personally, I don’t like the stuff, but SM does.
So, as a compromise, I’ve asked him to the flicks. It’s only in a community hall, and not for a couple of weeks… the film’s called Whisky Galore. I think, going by the poster, that it’s a b&w film.
Hi Sajehar ,i think Scally lives south of Glasgow ,whiskey galore is a b+w film from the forties ,won't spoil it for you ,but look out for Gordon Jackson.
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