Sunday Best.....By Maxi.

I do not shave on Sunday,its the devil thats within,the little inner demon saying "Oh sod it,its not a sin".

I garden in my Pj,s I vacum in em too,Why not,afterall its Sunday,and days off are too few.

Im a rebel on the Sabbeth I do the housework in my vest.Today I painted the bathroom wall,exposing my paint splattered chest.

On Sunday I just do the stuff thats pilled-up in the week,so i go all casual and chilled and with my socks play hide and seek.

Socks seem to separate no longer contented as pairs.I found one in the cats basket,the other half way up the stairs.

So Sunday,Im the rebel a radical wild fellow,but for all that I like to walk my dog,i find that so very mellow.

So after a week of chaos and mayhem and all the stress and strife,I find Sunday is the only
day to reclaim some calmness in life.

To cut off from the rat race to forget it on a Sunday,for as sure as night follows day,
come the dawn its.....ANOTHER BLOODY MONDAY!.