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Sally and I had a 'good' week in Cork, Tramore and Waterford last week, but the coach driver nearly spoilt it. Very un-communicative, didn't speak to any of us passengers much at all, didn't ask how we all were, didn't help anyone up or down the coach steps (not even Sally, who had her stick, or the other couple of people with walking difficulties) and spent most of his free time either on his mobile or chatting to other coach drivers or the waitresses in the hotel. And he got lost 4 times. However, we did try to make the most of things, but we stopped in inappropriate places for lengthy amounts of time and in interesting places (like Cork) for only 2 hours, not time to explore anything there - what a waste!
This weekend was spent at Championship Tractor Pulling event near home. Guys both competing, both won their classes (more trophies!). I was part of the 'pit crew', polishing, delivering lunches and drinks and in charge of helmets and gloves. Great stuff. After some of the more bigger machinery had done their 100 metre track run, their engines are too hot and in danger of catching fire and overheating, so they have to shut down and be towed back to the pits. So, with his spare tractor, Ian was on 'pull back' duty (after he'd finished his own track runs) and I went in the cab with him to keep him company to fetch the big machines back, sitting on the tool box! Much fun! (took turns with Tom, he went with dad on Sat afternoon and I went with dad yesterday!). Just a shame that I don't have much padding on my bum!!!!!!! I did threaten to make a girly, flowery cushion though for next season, which didn't go down very well for some reason!!!!!!!! tut, men!
Image Go girl. Get that flowery cushion made. Image
Actually, yeah why not? It's MY bum!!!! Thanks for the encouragement, no 1.

Don't get me wrong, I was quite happy to help Sally on and off the coach steps, it's just that we all thought it wrong for the driver to be sooooooooo unhelpful and unconcerned. I've been on many of these trips as you know and have never come across this sort of driver before.
Nana, some of them can be so incredibly rude and unhelpful.

Get it made girl, there's nothing worse than an uncomfy bum!!!!!!!!!!!
I've only been on one coach trip (with DD) which involved an overnight stay. The driver and the tour rep were both heavy smokers so we had to endure stops about every hour when they got off for a fag break along with 2 old ladies who sat right at the front and were heavy smokers too. They all got back on stinking of smoke.

The tour rep kept shouting "bing bong" every time he wanted to make an announcement which was very irritating. He was also hopeless when DD and I were given a double bed when we had specifically booked twins.
Great photo's, glad you had fun. Girly cushion sounds just right to me! xx
Really enjoyed your photos; impressive stuff. Definitely make that cushion; the girlier the better. Nothing worse than sqigglin' and wrigglin' around trying to ease a sore bum.
Been on a few coach trips and the drivers have all been comedians and made the holidays.
One trip we went on to Blackpool was an absolute disaster. Hotel crap, food crap, noisy doors banging all night every night, Disco banging on till 2:00am at the weekend,
Sat stationary for two hours trying to see the lights and Jill got into one of her black moods and totally finished it off for us.
If it hadn't been for our coach driver John, it would have been awful. He just kept us laughing all the time. Image Image