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A Good Book

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Ive got my Grandads WW2 encyclopaedia's which he bought some years after the war in the loft. Going to eventually look through when I find the time as theres about 20 of them and each one about 2/3 inches thick. Loads of information and pictures (some that I didnt even know about). Certainly going to be interesting, and something that will definitely staying in the family!!!!
(I think nana already knows this, sure I told her a while back). I have a WW1 book of Croyden which was presented to my Great Grandma after the war, my great granddad lost his life in WW1. Nana, you can still borrow it for a read, I know you are a stickler for looking after books. x x
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Winding-Road-un ... B000XIH2VE

So that's how you do it! Dead easy once you know how; I'm all smug now! Thanks, No1Mum xxxx

I go through phases of book reading - non-fiction, followed by detective stuff, say.
I'm into Phillipa Gregory at the moment. All the local charity shops by my mum's now know me by sight, and they even put aside books for me.
But one of the best of these Tudor/Plantagenet books I've recently read is 'The Seventh Son' by Reay Tannahill... all about Richard 3rd. If you're into fictionalized history with a bite, this is an ace read; a real page turner.

The last time I was in Liverpool there was this shop, by Central Station, giving away books!!!???xx{{@~~~###

There was this great big poster in the window inviting you in, asking you to help yourself to up to any 6 books for free.
At first I was dead suspicious,"There must be a catch... probably going to end up being conned by a timeshare or something."
After mooching past the place several times, surreptitiously trying to eyeball the inner workings of this weird place (and probably standing out like a sore thumb in the process) I decided to risk it, and tentatively entered this den of 'supposed' freebie books.
It was actually for real; some kind of book re-recycling thing.

I suppose it's the natural follow-on from being encouraged to leave your 'finished, but don't want to keep' books on park benches, etc, for someone else to pick up and read. I've no idea how, or when, this 'campaign' started; one day it was just there, from nowhere yet somewhere.
But I've picked up loads of books from it; some bad, some good, some indifferent. And I've also left a load of my finished books lying around too for others to pick up. Trouble is, if it rains they end up paper mache! Taking over an empty shop, on a temp basis for free, is obviously logical.

Anyway, I picked up the following: The Virgin's Lover by Phillippa Gregory; Sharp North by Patrick Cave; Taking Liberties by loads of writers; Rush of Blood by Mark Billingham; Tescopoly by Andrew Simms and, my fave, The Mammoth Cheese by Sheri Holman.

I spent ages in this 'shop' selecting my 6 books. I was supposed to be buying new, less frumpy clothes, with money slipped to me by my dad to "Smarten myself up with."
But I hate shopping with a passion. What's retail therapy to others, is retail torture to me. I did buy a really nice pair of suede ballet shoes, teal coloured, that caught my eye though!
When I'd finally selected my 6 books, I had to go to the counter to get them stamped out. There was no hard sell, just a donation box to contribute too, if you wanted too. I was more than happy too, and gave them a fiver.

When I pitched back up at my parents, I had to lie to dad. I'd actually spent most of his money for my 'clothes' on back-dated Water Rates, a lamb chop meal, going out for drinks with an old mate, and buying booze/hiring vids for another carer mate who couldn't get out.
I'd actually rummaged around my old clothes, washed them to smell nice, got my old carer mate to trim my hair (I told dad I'd had it trimmed in town for £25; her mum's idea actually), and presented myself to his satisfaction.

And do you know what! Despite, or because, of his nagging, I sort of made an effort for his birthday do on Sunday. Only a pub meal, and his birthday was actually Monday; but we wanted working grand kids to be present; so Sunday it was.
He told me I looked lovely; that was good enough for me. All I'd done was wear a few dark, deep bright colours, a pair of tailored kecks, coloured shoes, trimmed hair and a bit of mascara and lippy (food colouring with Lipsil: I HATE lipstick)... but the difference it made; to me and others? I'm still coming to terms with it!

I haven't had time yet to read even 1 of these books, let alone all of them. The only reason The Mammoth Cheese is my fave, so far, is because I chose it coz of it's intriguing title and the book cover!!! All the wrong reasons, according to received wisdom.
But how could I resist such a title, complete with an illustration of a giant garlanded cow, straddling what looks like the Kentish countryside. I couldn't.
If it's rubbish, I'll leave it on a public bench. If it's good, I'll still leave it on a public bench. If it's brilliant, I'll keep it to re-read at a later date... selfish cow that I am!

I like re-reading books that have grabbed me; I often find stuff in them I didn't the first time round. Which is why I'm pissed off about that Winding Road Unfolds book. For some reason, I REALLY want to re-read it but it's going to cost me a quarter of my disposable income to do so; at the cheapest price!

Such is life! Bummer; but there you go.

"Oxfam, Age UK, Red Cross, Cancer Research... Get ready for book search!"
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