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A Good Book

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No1 - theres too many bikes that I would love to own especially a triumph rocket III. I would be skint!! (slightly off topic there but here goes). I love Reacher and the stories, thinking of starting them again.

For all those out there and Eun. What are the E-readers like? I always think its nice to open a page and feel the texture of a book in your hands so havent really been tempted with them. But mum likes to read and she has been saying that shes starting to have a little difficulty at times with books and maybe an E-reader could be the way to go.
Off topic still Aussie, yes there are plenty of 2 wheeled machines that we'd like.
Back on topic Image
I love books - must have hundreds and could never stand to get a kindle thing. My auntie has one though and says it is very good (she has arthritis in her wrists and the reader is very light).
I love non-fiction - mainly history from prehistoric times to the end of the Middle Ages Image Also love the classic Victorians - Brontes, Dickens and so on. Love dense historical fiction too - Sharon Penman is brilliant Image Could go on and on so I will shut up now..
My son has read every Lee Child book and is waiting for the next.

I love reading but mine goes in phases. At the moment I am going through an autobiography stage. Have read Claire Rayner, Richard Madeley and loads of others.
Actually, they can't have been that good or I would remember them!! Image Image
What I love about the ereader is that I can read in the dark without putting a light on and disturbing my husband and I love the fact that I have hundreds of books to choose from, have them all with me all the time and have not had to pay a penny for any of them Image I currently have a Kobo Glo but used to have a cheap Binatone one which held more books than my more expensive one but I am getting a memory card for my birthday n August and that will let me hold around 5000 books at once which means I will be able to keep my Star Trek books on my reader to dip into when I feel like it.

I have thousands of books on my e reader ranging from the classics to newer books. Image
I also have an eclectic mix of "proper" books. Image
My Friend Joy Ellis has written and published 3 crime books, now i'm not a modern day reader I like historical or Si Fi but I must say the stories really keep you wanting to get to the next page, I would defiantly recommend them and you can get them on ebooks as well, they are, if you are interested, Maskwar, Shadowbreaker and Crimesight Image
Certainly getting some more info on new books to read. I am actually like you Penny, in that I read in phases. Usually in the new year when I have had a few books for Christmas and then maybe later on some time.

But its definitly Lee Child all the way for me. Like others having read all of his books Im waiting with anticipation for the new one. The first book I got of Lee Child's I thought he was good but didnt know how popular he was. Then on reading some information on him I knew that he was pretty big... Then there was no doubt when the film was announced. Only another 17 films to go now isnt it? Image Image
I love my kindle.It is always in my bag so that if I need to go anywhere in a hurry, it is there if I need it.There are so many books that are out of copyright that you can download for free,I don't spend very much on books now.Some of the things you can read are absolute rubbish though.
I still have my proper books,but have not read them for ages.I read in bed a lot,and it is so easy with the kindle.If I go out for a bit of time off from caring, I have a coffee and read my kindle somewhere.
My husband is registered blind. He is delighted with e-books. He is able to read again for the first time since 1997 when he lost most of his sight.He uses the I-pad and enlarges the print to the size print that he can see.
I like Nicholas Sparks,some Jodi Picoult titles,"Miss Read" and other similar types of books.
I've got a Kindle Paperwhite. I do like the feel of a real book but the Kindle is useful too. The print is very clear in all lights (no reflections or having to look at a particular angle) and like reading the print of a real book. I can read it in the dark without disturbing OH. Battery lasts ages before needing recharging. You can adjust the print size to suit youself, so for example someone with a visual impairment could make the print size much larger. I haven't bothered with attempting to master all the intricacies, but to simply read a book, it is very straightforward and simple to use. It is very light and easy to pop in a handbag or (largish) pocket - great for travelling.

I love reading and have recently joined a Book Club (an elite group of four!). I don't always enjoy the books but it is great because it challenges you to read things that you wouldn't normally choose, and I have been surprised that I have enjoyed books that I didn't think I would eg The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins and Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. In all innocence, before all the hoohah, we chose to read 50 Shades of Grey! We hadn't got a book lined up for that month and randomly chose from the best seller list. Even the the blurb on the back didn't give a clue as to what was inside. We were quite shocked! Image Image Image

We also swap books between ourselves, which is interesting and cheap and in this way I recently really enjoyed The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

Having been a carer for many years, my social life had become extremely limited, so joining the Book Club gave me the opportunity to meet some people with similar interests. We usually only discuss the chosen book for about 10 minutes and then just have a good natter, which when you've hardly spoken to anyone for days is a real luxury!
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