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A Good Book

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Not sure if there is a thread for this already but what sort of books do you all like and/or what authors do you recommend?

I can certainly recommend Lee Child. He has about 20 books out now (give or take) all based on Jack Reacher character (which is also now a film, staring Tom Cruise, based on the book One Shot)

I think something to do with a Dulux paint chart may come up at least once in this thread!!
I need another Lee Child fix, have them all. Image Brilliant.
I have always enjoyed James Herbert (RIP), Val McDermid and a newish author Chris Carter
Just big thick boring textbooks for me Image
I like a chuckle so love the Deric Longden books
Dulux paint chart not for me Image , although I admit to having read them.

I like thrillers / crime so I like Lee Childs but also Harlen Coben, Michael Connolly and Sara Paretsky. Suspect I have read them all now. Anyone any ideas for another author in that vein?
No1- I also have all of the Lee Child Books, absolutely love them.

Its kind of a little weird that reading about Jack Reacher being so big at 6ft 5, rough and ready. The star of the film is Tom Cruise at 5ft 2 (or something like that). Even though I think he is probably the best action hero to portray Reacher because or his aura and mannerisms etc still seems funny being so small.

All those Team Reacher fans though, the new book should be released 29 August. Titled Never Go Back. Its the last in a four novel story arc which begins with 61 Hours, Worth Dying For, A Wanted Man, and ends with Never Go Back - He finally gets to Virginia to meet Susan Turner, but as you know not all seems to be the way its supposed to be.

He has also written an E-Short story about Reacher which is out soon as well called High Heat which is based back in 1977 when Reacher was 17 years old.

For those wanting more thrillers or something a little like Lee Child, I would also recommend Jonathon Kellermann. He writes alittle like Child as he has a main character (Alex Delaware). He is a child psychologist (which is actually Kellermanns main profession) who consults for the police on cases, assisted by his LAPD mate Milo Sturgis. Ive only read four books but I was actually quite impressed with them (didnt think I would have been at first)
Aussie, I'm signed up to get the Reacher email. Image I also won a competition on there, ended up with a proof copy of One Shot as the prize, which incidentally arrived BEFORE the book was actually released..............grrrrrr what temptation it was not to read it, still have it nicely wrapped up in pristine unread condition. Must confess I howled when I found out TC was playing the role of Reacher.
Aussie, not anything to do with books but came to mind when you mentioned Tom Cruise.............That bike was borrowed from our local Triumph dealer(get on well with them all in there) and once returned after filming was on sale in there.........ended up with my grubby fingerprints all over it. Image


I am currently reading the "Hamish Macbeth" series of books and love the Marcus Didius Falco series which I am reading on my e-reader but I can't remember the names of the authors.

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