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Care for a cuppa - Carers UK Forum

Care for a cuppa

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
I looked into the Care for a cuppa thing and it looks like you have to book it. My life is so chaotic I don't think I can even do that. Feeling right sorry for myself.
Hi Timothy,

why not book yourself on anyway. If you don't "turn up' then never mind - just try again another week?

Personally, using the forum suits me better as I can read and post at a time to suit me.

Okay I'll try that.
I haven't got Zoom on my computer. The huge form just put me off. Going to watch tv.
I hate Zoom! Once and never again. Today M's social worker criticised me for not joint her meeting. I sent her my notes before the meeting, asked her to ring me beforehand, which she didn't do. I thought carers were supposed to be respected? I've asked her to come and see me and M at home, so he can show her the things that are important to him, our prize winning steam rollers, his vertical boiler and his garden tractor. She refused, without asking if she could socially distance first. In fact lots of people could all meet safely in my garden or the engine shed, or she could sit 20 feet away from M and me in my conservatory/greenhouse. She is full of what can't be done, not considering there might be different options which would work. It's just easier for her to use Zoom as I live on the western boundary of the New Forest, whilst she is in Havant, FIFTY miles away at the opposite side of the county!!!
Our social workers are literally a couple of miles away but you rarely see a social worker, they rarely visit, never available , in a meeting, off sick , on annual leave.
But they don't care, want their clients/customers to be independent and sort out issues themselves.

Live with bad quality care, do everything on the internet, order shopping, talk to friends over the internet, live on microwave meals and sit at home watching tv.

No thought is given that that they want to lead a normal life, go out for the day or evening, persue hobbies and interests.

Go on holiday, no help available you just have to pay for it yourself out of your savings, but getting a suitable disabled hotel and getting a carer for a week or so costs a fortune.

It is only by unpaid carers hard work and dedication, they can have any sort of life.
Being a carer is hard. I agree. I wonder sometimes if I have the faintest idea what I'm doing.
So I eventually put zoom on my computer. And it works.
Oh that's good, Timothy.

Now you are ready for the next care for a cuppa event.