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70s Foods - What Did You Eat Back Then? - Carers UK Forum

70s Foods - What Did You Eat Back Then?

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Hi Folks

Have you had a chance to watch Food critic Giles Coren's new BBC2 series Back in Time for Dinner? The show sees a modern, middle-class family forget about 2015 and eat their way through 50 years of British food history to find out how things have changed.

Next week the family is eating 1970s food. So I'd love to hear what you ate back then in that decade. First thing that comes to mind for me is Angel Delight - haven't had that for years!

So what did you used to eat?

Please post below and I'll feature them today (Sat) at 1pm at my Riverside Pub on http://www.radiowey.co.uk - a show for carers and their families.
Nothing much was on baby food at that time
Definitely angel delight with Arctic Roll on Sundays. Tinned fruit featured highly to, especially tinned mandarins.

On the savoury side I remember Fray & Bentos steak puddings. The only fish was fried fish and chips or boil in the bag haddock! Nothing foreign or exotic at all. I think I was about 18 before I had pasta.

I was a child in the 70s and bought sweet cigarettes so that I could collect the football cards. We stopped them in school. I also liked Jamboree (?) bags.

Obviously health food passed me by. Amazing that I survived really :D
Angel Delight! oh yes, totally yummy! My faves were chocolate and peach - sometimes together!

Another blast from the past was in the trailer - it was those hard as nails noodle thingies that you then fried in oil and hey presto they swelled up and became all crisp and puffy. I think they were part of a Vesta Indian or Chinese meal. The crispy noodles were the best bit!
Yes to Angel Delight and still do occasionally.
Lots of home cooking, home made stake and kidney pies, does anybody still make real meat pies?
I remember mum making a cheese pie which I know had potatoe in it, but it used to be firm with a sort of crispy top and I've tried to replicate it with several recipes but never got close to it. Fish fingers and chips, Bangers and mash,
Lots of tinned fruit, lots of home made apple pies and custard.
Lots of home made cakes.
Can;t imagine how my poor mum managed without a microwave. I think her whole life was spent cooking and struggling with twin tub washing machine. Suppose we shouldn't grumble so much these days really.
Never had it but do you remember the Mash Get Smash adverts with the little men with tin heads?
Oh yes- all veg home grown and all fruit home grown.
As a student in Sheffield from 1972-1975, I lived off fried egg, beans and chips. And variants thereof. Liver and onions was a fallby. Anything cheap and filling. On Sundays we clubbed together and shared a roast chicken ... and a joint :lol: :o :mrgreen: :sick:
In 1975 I graduated and headed off to Japan to teach English, and became a huge fan of Japanese cuisine. Never looked back, and still use soy sauce, seaweed, fish, rice and noodles a lot in my cooking.
I was born in July of 1979 so in the 70s I just had formula!
Favourite special occasion meal was prawn cocktail for starters, steak for main course, black forest gateau for afters, or sherry trifle. Not a lot has changed, I still eat those things given the opportunity. In 1974 we camped all the way across Australia eating Vesta ready meals especially the Chicken Supreme. After 5 weeks of that I don't think I've ever had a Vesta meal since! Mum loved Birds Eye steakburgers, we often had them for sunday lunch in gravy, they always tasted scrummy. Mum was always baking cakes for me and my two brothers (before I married) she used to cook them in rectangular roasting tins as portions were easier. Angel Delight was expensive, we seldom had it, our family had Instant Whip, which used 1 pint of milk, whereas AD used half a pint so didn't go far in a family of five. I loved the rice puddings with skin, semolina pudding, ground rice pudding, with stewed fruit. In those days, despite eating all these calories, I was very slim. Sadly, the same can't be said now!!!
Vesta dried prawn curry... I loved it with a passion :pinch:

Only got to eat it about twice though... probably just as well!
I was at college in the late 70s. When the canteen closed over the weekend we were given 'rations' which comprised a Vesta meal, tinned soup, eggs, cheese and milk. I perfected my cheese omelettes and traded the Vesta meals. :D