£59 to replace dangerous dryer

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Like most Carers a dryer is essential.
We were unfortunate enough to have purchased one of the faulty dryers. My Husband contacted the company as soon as they contacted us last year and it was explained that they would come to replace parts etc... next February 2017!
We have heard of so many causing fires but could not afford another.
Recently my Husband received an e-mail offering a replacement dryer and delivery for £59 but only on condition that they take the faulty one away.
Although like many carers money and budgets are very tight, we took advantage of the offer.
At lease know we have peace of mind knowing the dryer is safe and won't cause a fire.
This happened to my daughter. Expect she was offered one for £100. However when it arrived she was so pleased . It's much more economical than the old one and more to the point much safer!!
Gosh, we had this / have this too. Not sure if you're on fb but there's a good group on there called "hotpoint dryer fire risk" ... they sent us a help sheet with things to do depending on the age of the appliance etc including email addresses if escalation teams.

I see your message was in July 2016 so I hope this is resolved for you already.