New Puppy

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A couple of months ago we went away for 5 days when we came home we decided that that was the lasr time as it was to much hard work and that from now on we would go out for days and sleep in our own home so we decided to get a dog, 1st we went to various rescue organisations but every dog we liked seem to have some sort of issue which meant that we couldn't have the grandchildren coming to see us or we couldn't have people visit with their dogs etc etc so we decided to get a puppy so here is our Corgi puppy 9 weeks old, hard work but well worth it.


Ahh Gorgeous -what is his name (or her?) . Very foxy looking
Beautiful little pup. Remember so clearly bringing home my Charlie. Yes hard work but I wouldn't be without him. Enjoy your walks and puppy lessons. Get him to meet as many dogs as poss and please don't get upset if older dogs sometimes growl or snap when your baby jumps on their heads!!, It was all a wonderful learning curve for me. Enjoy.
Oh my gosh, she's gorgeous! What a beautiful little thing!
Oh Wow! What a little beauty :D
very, very cute. have fun!
His name is Champ IV as he is our 4th corgi called champ and they have all been very different the 2nd one was long haired and as soft as anything the new one I think we will have a war of willpower
Very handsome !

We once had a miniature poodle bitch, she was a feisty little thing and would take on dogs many times her size - but - she'd drag you across the road if she saw a corgi :shock: :lol: :lol:
Isn't he a cutie. Enjoy.

We have a Yorkshire terria
our uncle gave it to us and she's lovely company :D