20 years since I became a carer

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these last two years have been the worst, eldest Son died suddenly,youngest Son struggling with health problems blaming himself for his brothers death, now my disabled wife is having treatment for breast Cancer........wonder where my lucky star went to????
The cruelty of life can be unfathomable.

I wish your wife every success in her treatment - by and large, BC is usually very treatable these days, with new drugs coming on stream, even in cases of recurrence.

Can your younger son get counselling for his bereavement? I wonder whether the CBT (Child bereavement trust)would be helpful, both for him, and yourself perhaps?

My local hospice provided bereavement counselling when I lost my husband to late-diagnosed cancer.

Nothing can 'compensate' for life's cruelty - perhaps all we can do is treasure what has been left to us, all the more. Your younger son must know how infinitely precious he is to you, and how his memories of his brother are the 'torch' he will carry for his lost sibling, all his life.

Kindest wishes to you at such a time, Jenny
It's too often the case that the worst things happen to the nicest people. :?
I don't know why it happens that way but hold on to hope there is reward somewhere, somehow, sometime

Your youngest would benefit from counselling, if not cbt then try private. It can be so worth it.