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£100 grant only

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Penny have a look here

http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Bakers-cys ... tment.aspx

it would be worthwhile giving the ice pack/compression bandage treatments a go before going back to your GP for further treatment. I've had the steroid injections in the past for other joint problems and they usually do work, but really you need investigation into the underlying cause i.e. osteoarthritis ?
Penny - suggest you follow the same link I suggested to Huegatort.
"Shy bairns get nowt"

It is worth enquiring with your local council/soc services dept about what is available in your own area. Then apply if some grants/funding. Don't be fobbed off with phone calls telling you
- fill in the necessary forms and then wait for decisions.

We are finding here that people are being put off applying as told its not worth it. Yet most of those that fill the forms in, get assessed, do receive something, though amounts can vary greatly.

x x
What people are not made aware of, and seems deliberate (no wonder we here the phrase)
' £50 million goes unclaimed' in non claimed benefits!! There is a direct payment for respite care that can be claimed for helping carers especially! The payment will be of great help to the recipient (disabled) person; Instead of council care homes, the money can be spent on a better break for the client,the carer then has time to themselves they would fund
If possible there own breaks, there are quality disabled breaks (Quality better than quantity)
There are some well known disabled holiday places.
Hi I have just read your email. Do you have a good GP with who you can talk to? How about a social worker? I know that they have reduced the Carer s breaks grants in South west surrey to £300. From £500. And I fear this is just the way things are going. Its an utter disgrace when we carers are there 24/7 !! I had a mini break last week which we self funded but to be honest I really did not want to come home.!! It took me a while to chill anyway and I have been low ever since. Owing to other stress. !! But if I were you I would PUSH for everything you can get. I am not well in myslef having had a hip replacement last year, & also I know that my knees & other hip needs doing, but not for me. I too have reflexology to sort me out every 3 weekks.Hope all goes well for you regards Amanda18
Hello Moonlight
Thank you for taking the time to respond and for all the information. Other Carers will benefit from your message as well as me.
Hello 18Amanda27h
Thank you also for the information that you were kind enough to post.
We have had the odd short break but like yourself, I find it difficult to settle and then when I do it's time to come home!
I'm sorry that you are still unwell after your hip operation last year, I can see why you won't have the other surgeries. I think that Carers get run down with all that goes with caring and then it's hard to pick up again. Like most I find caring much more difficult when I'm unwell and very tired.
I think reflexology is helpful, it's an hour out and then there's the therapy that is so relaxing and beneficial.
I've been very unwell for 3 weeks and feel drained, so I may contact our family support worker next week and see if she can help.
Since having shingles at the beginning of the year, I have not been well at all with one thing after another.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Hi huegatort,
Sorry to read you have felt unwell for 3 weeks.
I'm struggling emotionally with Hubby's decline.
Anyway sending you a hug and hope you will be feeling better soon
Hello Pet66
Thank you so much for your kind words and the hug; it's very much appreciated.
It appears that you are having a difficult time yourself at present and emotional upset is draining to say the least. I will say a prayer for you both.
When my Husband was ill I was beside myself with worry and now on his off days I still become anxious.
I posted a message here and bowlingbun amongst others, was so supportive in her sharing of her experience and kind words; it really helped me to gather strength in order for me to cope and carry on without falling to pieces.
Sending you my regards and a (((Hug))).
Thank-you. Prayer very much appreciated. I find the people on the forum help me to find strength. Wouldn't cope without it to be honest
Hope your day has been good xx